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Everything for Education/Edu-Equip - 2008

Attention! The event is over.

7th International Specialized Exhibition of Technical and Visual Means of Training, Furniture, Stationery and Developing Games

Date: 22.04.2008 - 25.04.2008 

City: Moscow - information about city

Holder: MVK International exhibition company

Topic: Society




Venue: Museum and Educational Center "Sokolniki"

Exhibition is held as part of Russian Educational Forum.

Exhibition Sections:

  • Products for outfitting educational and pedagogic establishments
    • school furniture and equipment
    • educational and laboratory equipment and devices, guidance materials, visual aids
    • technical teaching means, equipment, implements and exercise machines sets
    • equipment for workshops
    • means of fire safety
    • school attributes - streamers, flags, badges
    • stationery
    • implements and equipment for children's creativity
    • fabricating materials, albums for drawing, photo and drawing implements, musical instruments
    • developing games and toys
    • school uniform, footwear, headwear, accessories

Additional information: