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Education. Science. Career - 2006

Attention! The event is over.

6th Specialized Exhibition

Date: 11.04.2006 - 14.04.2006 

City: Ufa - information about city

Holder: Bashkir Exhibition Company

Topics: Business, Economics, Finances, Safety, Society




Venue: "Bashkortostan" exhibition center, pavillions 1-3, Ufa, Mendeleyeva st., 158.

Exhibition Sections:

  • Academies, high schools, specialized schools, colleges, schools and grammar schools
  • State and private specialized infant schools and centers
  • Extracurricular education for children and teenagers
  • Centers of aesthetic education, art, musical and sports schools
  • International education, education abroad
  • Correspondence courses, extension courses, specialized courses, second higher education
  • Services of employment agencies, and of employment centers
  • Equipment for preschool and educational institutions, children's, school and office furniture
  • School supplies, training aids and materials
  • Materials and equipment for laboratory works
  • Materials and equipment for children's creative activity
  • All kinds of toys and games, including developing and training games and toys
  • Training and developing computer programs
  • Writing goods, school accessories
  • Specialized literature
  • Fashionable clothes and footwear for children and pupils, school uniform
  • Children's cosmetics, means of hygiene etc.

Additional information: