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Education. Career. Employment - 2014

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14th Interregional Exhibition-Fair

Date: 26.03.2014 - 27.03.2014 

City: Tomsk - information about city

Holder: TMDC "Technopark"

Topic: Society




Venue: Exhibition pavilion of OJSC Tomsk International business centre "Tekhnopark"

Exhibition goals:

  1. Promotion to the development of the Siberian educational complex; coordination of strategic and tactical objectives in the multi-level continuing education system; demonstration of innovative methods and technologies in education, telecommunications resources for education, training aids, equipment, teaching aids, educational and professional literature
  2. Exchange of experience in the human resources for the innovative economic development
  3. Demonstration of the modern education market status; strengthening career guidance within the open houses, as well as employment assistance; helping graduates, students and unemployed youth to orient within the labour market

Exhibition Sections:

  • Education:
    • regional systems of multi-level education (public and private pre-school, primary, comprehensive, high educational institutions, as well as vocational and further educational institutions)
    • innovative projects and technologies in education, new forms of learning process in the new Education Act
    • programs, technologies, forms of international cooperation in education
    • provision of multi-level education systems (furniture for educational institutions, computers, telecommunication equipment, laboratory equipment and instruments, visual aids, sports equipment, security systems for educational institutions
  • Career:
    • methods and technologies of the human resources formation in the regional education systems
    • vocational guidance and career development for young people
    • programs and projects on cooperation between the education system and the real economy
    • creative projects and programs made by the youth and students
  • Employment:
    • forms and methods to promote the employability and employment of students and young people
  • Textbooks, e-textbooks, exercise ids, testing systems
  • Goods and services for children

Additional information: