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Education. Career. Employment - 2011

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5th Specialized Exhibition

Date: 10.03.2011 - 12.03.2011 

City: Saratov - information about city

Holder: Sofit-Expo

Topic: Society




Exhibition Sections:

  • "Intelligent child":
    • centers of additional education and early development, educational institutions for children
    • Sports schools for children and youth, sports sections
    • development games and toys, goods for children's creation, teaching computer programs
    • children's educational tourism
    • equipment for children's rooms, places for studies, game rooms
  • School:
    • basic education (schools, lyceums, grammar schools, boarding schools)
    • additional secondary education of children
    • special education (for children with limited abilities)
  • Professional education:
    • elementary vocational education (vocational schools and lyceums)
    • secondary vocational education (colleges, technical schools)
    • higher education (institutes, universities, academies and other higher educational institutions)
    • after-university education (post-graduate courses, traineeship)
  • Additional education:
    • business-education
    • courses of retraining and advanced training of specialists
    • trainings, seminars, courses
    • language study
    • distance education
    • training centers
    • educational consulting
  • Education abroad:
    • elementary and secondary education
    • higher education
    • after-university education, MBA
    • additional education
    • advanced training, probation
    • language study
    • distance education
  • "Career":
    • staff consulting
    • recruitment agencies, labor registry offices
    • career-guidance and employment centers
    • specialized mass media
  • Everything for education:
    • furniture and equipment
    • technical training aids, equipment, implements
    • training laboratory equipment and instruments, methodological supplies, visual aids
    • stationery, school uniform, shoes, headwear, accessories
  • Information and modern technologies in education:
    • software for educational and pedagogical institutions
    • multimedia, audio and video aids for training and development
    • computers, equipment, accessories
  • Literature:
    • school books, study guides
    • dictionaries, reference books, reading-books, encyclopedias
    • editions of scientific-popular literature, fiction

Additional information: