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Education + Career - 2008

Attention! The event is over.

2nd Specialized Exhibition

Date: 20.03.2008 - 22.03.2008 

City: Saratov - information about city

Holder: Sofit-Expo

Topics: Information Technologies and Communications, Society




Venue: Sports Palace Manege "Kristall"

Exhibition Sections:

  • School:
    • pre school education (nurseries, kindergardens, centers of primary school children development)
    • general education (schools, liceums, gymnasiums, boarding schools)
    • secondary additional education of children (centers of children's and youths' creativity, foreign languages courses, studious, musical schools etc.)
    • special education (educational establishments and centers for handicapped children); teaching and upbringing of children without parents custody
  • Professional education:
    • primary professional education (professional schools and liceums)
    • secondary professional education (colleges, secondary technical schools)
    • higher education (institutes, universities, academies and other higher education establishments)
    • post graduate education (post graduate study)
    • provision of educational process (credits for education)
  • Additional education:
    • specialists retraining and skills level raising courses
    • business education
    • trainings, seminars, courses
    • educational consulting
  • Education abroad:
    • primary and secondary education
    • higher education
    • post graduate education, executive MBA program
    • additional education
    • instructing programs
    • skills level raising
    • language studying
    • distant training
  • Career:
    • personnel consulting
    • personnel recruiting agencies
    • professional and employment centers
    • specialized mass media
  • Everything for education:
    • furniture and equipment
    • technical means of teaching, equipment, inventory
    • laboratory equipment and appliances, methodical materials, teaching aids
    • stationary
    • equipment and materials for children's creativity
    • developing games and toys
    • school uniform, footwear, headwear, accessories
  • Information and modern technologies in education:
    • information technologies in education administrative management
    • software for educational and upbringing establishments
    • centers and programs of distant training and testing
    • multimedia, audi and video teaching and developing means
    • computer equipment and accessories
  • Teaching literature:
    • text books, training and methodical aids
    • dictionaries
    • reference books, reading books,encyclopedia
    • popular science literature editions
    • fiction literature works editions
    • family pedagogics

Additional information: