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Education & Career - 2009

Attention! The event is over.

5th Specialized Exhibition

Date: 26.02.2009 - 28.02.2009 

City: Samara - information about city


Topics: Advertising and Publishing Activities, Information Technologies and Communications, Society




Venue: Exhibition Halls of Museum Named After P. Alabin

Exhibition Sections:

  • Secondary and higher education:
    • preschool and general education
    • secondary professional, technical (specialized schools, lyceums, colleges, technical schools)
    • higher education (institutes, universities, academies and branches)
    • postgraduate (postgraduate schools, traineeships)
  • Education for business men:
    • business-education
    • trainings, seminars, courses
    • foreign languages courses at business level
    • retraining and advanced training courses
    • personnel and educational consulting
  • Education abroad:
    • centres of lingual training
    • training, probation, rest abroad
  • Information technologies:
    • software for educational and pedagogical institutions
    • multimedia, audio, and video means of education and development
    • computer machines
  • All for education:
    • school education and equipment
    • technical education means, methodological materials, audio-visual aids
    • stationery
  • Job fair:
    • recruiting agencies, labour exchange
    • occupational guidance and employment centres
  • Educational literature:
    • informative, development literature
    • specialized literature and press
  • Extended education:
    • creative clubs, schools, centres, courses

Additional information: