Education Throughout Life. Entrant - 2023, October 18 - 20, Chelyabinsk

Education. Career. Employment - 2008

Attention! The event is over.

10th Specialized Exhibition-Fair

Date: 05.05.2008 - 07.05.2008 

City: Novokuznezk - information about city

Holder: Kuzbass Fair

Topic: Society




Venue: Sports Palace of Kuznetsk Metal Workers

Exhibition Sections:

  • Everything about education:
    • secondary education (pre-school, general, secondary, professional)
    • professional education (primary, secondary, higher professional education)
    • extended education (extended professional education, advanced training, professional retraining, business education, consulting, extended education for children and grown-ups, education abroad)
    • employment and job placement programs
    • personnel potential development programs
    • recruiting programs and personnel consulting
    • education and personnel department integration programs at industrial enterprises, enterprises of small-, and middle-scale business
    • children and youth tourism; rest in Russia and abroad
  • Everything for education:
    • health improving programs, health improving and preventative care means
    • goods and services for educational and cultural establishments (furniture and обequipment, teaching visual aids and education facilities, educational films, developing games etc.)
    • information technologies in education; software
    • computers and office equipment
    • stationery
    • literature (educational, special, methodical, fiction etc.)
    • culture and art (museums, libraries, creative unions and groups etc.)

Additional information: