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Education and career - 2004

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The 7th Specialized Exhibition

Date: 25.03.2004 - 27.03.2004 

City: Kaliningrad - information about city


Topic: Society




Exhibition Sections

  • Exhibition of educational institutions, public organizations, job vacancies.
  • Information on training and working specialities in state and private institutes.
  • New educational technologies and services.
  • Professional orientation on the basis of modern, scientifically proved techniques of pedagogics and psychology.
  • Additional education.
  • Educational courses and centres, organizations offering services and goods for maintenance of educational process and self-education.
  • Equipment and literature for educational institutions.
  • Development of training to additional skills (quick reading, development of mnemonic memory etc.).
  • Author's techniques of training of foreign languages, computer knowledge etc.
  • Ways of perfection and development personal abilities.
  • Centres of aesthetic education, business - centres, courses of improvement of qualification, services of employment, centres of training.
  • Advice on employment.

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