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Education Industry. Book. Graduate - 2014

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Specialized Exhibition

Date: 05.03.2014 - 06.03.2014 

City: Chelyabinsk - information about city


Topic: Society




Venue: Shopping mall "Gagarin Park"

"Graduate - 2014" is a display of the condition of the market of educational services, an assistance for school leavers (of 9th and 11th grades) in choice of educational institution. The exhibition helps graduates to orientate themselves at labor market and gives the opportunity to find employment. A range of course books and teacher editions will be presented at the event.

At the exhibition space school leavers will see the whole range of educational services. Besides Russian and foreign educational programs, post graduate courses, distance learning programs and special books of leading Russian publishing houses will be presented.

Institutions of pre-school education, secondary education, higher education, additional education, international universities, colleges, educational councils; language schools and courses; tourism companies; employment agencies, advanced training and further education courses will be demonstrated here.

It ought to be noted that the largest Russian publishers of popular-science literature, imaginative literature, course books, and book selling establishment will take part in the exhibition.

Exhibition Goals:

  1. Development assistant to the Ural educational park
  2. Coordination of strategic and tactic goals in the system of continuing multilevel education
  3. Demonstration of innovational methods and technologies in education, telecommunication resources for education, learning tools, equipment, educational and professional literature
  4. Experience exchange in the field of workforce capacity forming for innovational economy development
  5. Demonstration of the condition of modern educational services market
  6. Occupational guidance activation, promotion of employment
  7. Labor-market orientation for the alumni, students, unoccupied young people

Exhibition Sections:

  • Education and science:
    • educational, scientific and innovative activities of federal and national research universities, higher and secondary educational institutions
    • general education institutions
    • elementary vocational educational institutions
    • intermediate vocational educational institutions
    • higher vocational educational institutions
    • special and extension courses, other forms of advanced training and retraining of specialists
  • Career:
    • employment centers and recruiting agencies
    • enterprises of the Chelyabinsk Region (Labor exchange)
  • Educational industry:
    • products for educational institutions supplying
    • special vehicles for educational institutions
    • equipment and technologies for cooking and serving meal in educational institutions
  • Information technologies in education:
    • producers and suppliers of personal computers
    • software for educational process
    • current Internet-technologies
    • distance learning systems
    • multimedia systems, television and video equipment
    • equipment for computer classrooms
    • communication equipment
  • Book world:
    • course books
    • cognitive and developing literature
    • training and reference literature in foreign languages
    • electronic library
    • school library
    • equipment for archives and libraries
  • Education abroad:
    • foreign language courses
    • agencies for education abroad
    • education programs, exchange programs for students, practical training, short-term and holiday programs
    • foreign educational institutions
  • World of childhood:
    • training and developing games
    • toys and fabricating material for children's creativity
    • play-grounds
    • recreation centers for children
    • forwardness centers, nurseries, kindergartens
    • educational tourism

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