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Volgograd Education Forum - 2020

Attention! The event is over.

Specialized Exhibition of Educational Institutions, Training and Imaginative Literature, Technologies and Materials for Supporting Learning Process

Date: 30.04.2020 - 30.04.2020 

City: Volgograd - information about city

Holder: Tsarician fair

Topic: Society




Venue: Volgograd Arena

"Volgograd Education Forum" is the largest project of the southern Federal district, which is a platform for professional communication and experience exchange participants of the educational process. The forum actively contributes to the implementation of innovation pedagogical and information technologic projects, acquaints wide circles of the population with opportunities of educational institutions, facilitates obtaining by workers of branch latest information on the development of the education industry. Within a forum there will take place the 16th Specialized exhibition "Education - 2020".

"Education - 2020" - is peculiar united "Day of open doors" at all levels of education in the region, which provides the opportunity to receive information on the conditions of admission to the leading institutions of vocational education, training centres for exams, courses of improvement of qualification or acquisition of language skills, the programs of international student exchange.

Exhibition Sections:

  • Educational institutions:
    • preschool education
    • general secondary education
    • secondary additional education (children's and teenagers' crafts center, foreign language courses, dance, drama and chorus studios, music schools)
    • children's homes
    • educational institutions for children with disabilities
    • intermediate vocational education
    • higher education
    • postgraduate and additional education (postgraduate studies, business schools, retraining and refresher courses, trainings, seminars)
    • education abroad
    • professional athletic performance
  • Computer application, internetization and automation services for teaching situation
  • Equipment for teaching situation:
    • furniture and fittings for educational institutions
    • laboratory equipment, devices, fittings
    • sports equipment and sports complexes
    • special equipment and furniture for children with disabilities
    • exercisers, education modules, developmental equipment
    • special vehicles for educational institutions
  • Education programs, training and imaginative literature
  • Food:
    • food provision for educational institutions
    • equipment for refectories, diners and quick-service restaurant
  • Children's and uniform for educational institutions
  • Safety systems for educational institutions
  • Employment centers and recruiting agencies
  • Specialized publications and websites

Additional information: