Expo-Russia Iran - 2024
Expo-Russia Iran - 2024

Education - Investments into Success - 2011

Attention! The event is over.

6th Specialized Exhibition

Date: 20.04.2011 - 22.04.2011 

City: Astrakhan - information about city

Holder: Parade-Expo

Topics: Business, Economics, Finances, Safety, Consumer Goods, Information Technologies and Communications, Society


Venue: Sport and Entertainment Complex "Zvyozdniy"

Exhibition Goals:

  1. Realization of the national educational initiative of the Russian Federation President D. A. Medvedev "Our new school"
  2. Demonstration of the opportunities to get high-quality education in the region and outside
  3. Creating wide negotiation area and conditions for the open and thorough discussion of the actual issues and problems of educational field, which is expected to
  4. Contribute to the development of the market of educational services
  5. Collecting innovative experience of the best Astrakhan educational specialists, contributing to the modernization of education and the introduction of up-to-date methods in all stages of education
  6. Informing young people about the opportunities of getting professional education in Russia, Astrakhan city and Astrakhan region, and abroad
  7. Spreading information about vacancies and consultation on the issues of employment
  8. Providing assistance for the youth in choosing future profession
  9. Assistance in the cooperation of employers and educational institutions

Exhibition Sections:

  • Educational institutions:
    • higher educational institutions
    • specialized secondary schools
    • after-university education
    • institutions of additional training
    • elementary vocational training
  • Education abroad:
    • probation and work abroad
    • educational tourism
    • language centers
    • work-and-study programs
    • short-term language programs
    • corporative instruction and trainings
  • School methodical supplies and aids:
    • scientific, methodological, legal and staff supply of the education
    • training, methodological, reference and business books and aids
    • books, publications
    • stationary
    • newspapers, periodicals
    • calendars, albums, picture-cards
    • school writing materials
    • clean paper products
  • Informational and technical supplies for schools:
    • software for educational institutions
    • multimedia, audio and video materials and equipment for training process
    • interactive studying equipment
    • computers
    • equipment for computer rooms (office equipment)
  • Furniture salon "Scholar":
    • furniture for educational institutions
    • training and laboratory equipment
    • joiner's and fitting shops
    • equipment for catering systems in schools
  • Sports in education:
    • equipment and supplies for sports, training apparatus
    • sports clothes, shoes, accessories
    • artificial surfaces
    • maintenance of sports facilities
    • traveling and camping outfits
    • equipment for sports centers
    • cups, badges, prizes
  • Health and nutrition:
    • equipment for first-aid posts
    • equipment for catering systems in schools
    • healthy nutrition
    • new opportunities in children health prophylaxis
    • tools and ways of increasing host defenses
  • Re-training, business-education, job-placement:
    • business-education
    • distance education centers
    • educational tourism
    • extension courses
    • international educational centers
    • recruiting agencies
    • authorities in charge of the employment
    • mass media, placing information about vacancies (newspapers, magazines, Internet-portals)
    • enterprises, having vacant positions

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