EcoTech - 2014

Attention! The event is over.

Central Asian International Exhibiton "EcoTechnologies and Services for Industry and Municipal Services"

Date: 17.09.2014 - 19.09.2014 

City: Almaty - information about city

Holder: ITECA

Topics: Natural Resources, Municipal Management, Industrial Exhibitions




Venue: "Atakent"

Exhibition Sections:

  • Wastes: industrial (oil and gas, metallurgy, food, chemical industries); municipal; man-caused; transport complex; fuel and energy complex; electronic and electric junk; medical and preventive care facilities; radioactive; biological, agricultural, organic; building and pulling down; other kinds of wastes:
    • machines, materials and equipment for collection, transportation, storage and disposal of wastes
    • technologies of waste discharge, their recycling, neutralization, processing, deactivation, disinfection, demercurization
    • selective collection, secondary resources, recycling
    • products from wastes, use of recycled secondary materials
    • waste minimization, non-waste technologies
    • reclamation of landfills
    • oil salvage
    • equipment, substances, and materials for environment protection
  • Water: water treatment; waste waters; sediments; sludges; water areas and facilities:
    • water resources protection
    • water treatment for potable and industrial water supply and power engineering
    • municipal, industrial, and agricultural water supply
    • municipal, industrial, and agricultural waste water treatment
    • sewage sludge utilization
    • engineering networks
    • devices and systems for water treatment, water supply and drainage
    • pumps and valves
    • local water purifying devices
    • water quality control devices and apparatuses
    • IT for water management
    • groundwater exploration and extraction
    • materials and equipment for building, repair, and operation of water plants
    • waterworks
  • Air: emissions of industrial enterprises, TPP, motor transport:
    • purification and removal of exhaust gases
    • degassing
    • ventilating devices and pipes for exhaust gas removal
    • filters
    • gasoline additives, catalytic agents, neutralizers
    • air pollution control devices
    • prospective technologies of reducing of pollution emissions in atmosphere
    • analytical control devices
  • Land: contaminated area reclamation, accomplishment of settlements and cities
    • reclamation of landfills, ash dumps, oil polluted lands
    • waterproofing of landfills for dumping of industrial and municipal wastes
    • greenery planting
    • winter and summer cleaning
  • Power: renewable power sources, resource saving; processing of wastes into power, biogas
  • Environmental services:
    • environmentally friendly projecting, regulation, planning, consulting
    • environmental management
    • environmental audit
    • environmental insurance
    • environmental monitoring
    • environmental engineering
    • development of software for environment protection
    • training of environmental professionals and their advanced training
    • radiation control
    • overalls and safety
    • industrial safety
  • Exhibition-salon of nature-conservative technologies by environmental departments of industrial companies: oil-and-gas industry, mining and smelting industry, petrochemical industry, food production, production of asphalt and cement, heat power engineering
  • Protection against noise and vibration: soundproof and vibration-isolating materials
  • Clean technologies:
    • production modernization
    • innovations, engineering
    • energy efficiency
    • resource saving
    • breakthrough technologies
    • environmental safety
    • industrial wash and cleaning
    • no-dig technologies of utility network construction and repair
  • Ecolab: everything for laboratories, as well as presentation exhibition of environmental laboratories
  • Ecohome:
    • passive houses and buildings
    • household water filters
    • biological treating plants
    • ecologically clean construction materials
    • energy-saving materials (solar batteries, resource-saving glazing, special paints)
    • sound-absorbing materials
    • roof gardening, "green" roof
    • rainwater collection systems

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