EcoTech - 2007

Attention! The event is over.

4th Central Asian International Exhibiton "EcoTechnologies and Services for Industrial and Municipal Sectors"

Date: 19.09.2007 - 21.09.2007 

City: Almaty - information about city

Holder: ITECA

Topics: Natural Resources, Municipal Management, Industrial Exhibitions




Venue: Almaty, Kazakhstan, Exhibition Centre "Atakent".

Iteca, an exhibition company of Kazakhstan
ITE Group Plc (U.K.)

Supported by:
Ministry of Environment Protection of the Republic of Kazakhstan
Almaty city administration
The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Republic of Kazakhstan

EcoTech is the main specialised exhibition in the Central Asia Region to attract international and major local companies engaged in collection, transportation and utilisation of waste, treatment of normal and special industrial waste, recycling, water treatment, gas treatment and soil purification, control analytical systems and environmental services.

To bring suppliers of equipment and machinery, products and services from all areas of the world in direct contact with city's administrations, companies and plants working in mining, oil and gas, chemical, food, transport and other industries in Central Asian Republics.

Exhibition Sections:

Wastes: Industrial (oil and gas, metallurgy, food, chemical and other industries), municipal, man-caused, transport complex, fuel and energy complex, electronic and electric scrap, medical institutions, radioactive, biological, agricultural, organic, construction and demolition, etc.

  • Equipment, machines, materials and services for collection, transportation, storage and disposal of wastes
  • Waste discharge, disposal, neutralisation, mitigation, deactivation, decontamination, demercurisation technologies
  • Selective collection, secondary resources, recycling
  • Waste to gains, use of recycled secondary materials
  • Waste minimisation, zero-discharge technologies
  • Landfill reclamation
  • Regeneration of waste oils
  • Equipment, substances and materials for environment protection

Water: Water supply, wastewater, silt sediments, sludge, water areas and bodies

  • Water resources protection
  • Water-preparation for drinking and industrial water supply, power engineering
  • Municipal, industrial and agricultural water supply
  • Municipal, industrial and agricultural waste treatment
  • Sewage sediment utilization
  • Engineering networks
  • Water-preparation, water supply and drain devices and systems
  • Pump and reinforce equipment
  • Local waterworks
  • Water quality control equipment
  • IT for hydroeconomics
  • Groundwater exploration and extraction
  • Materials and equipment for waterworks building, repair and operation
  • Hydraulic work

Air: Emissions from industrial enterprises, power plants, motor vehicles, etc

  • Waste gas treatment and disposal
  • Degassing
  • Exhaust devices and pipes for waste gas extraction
  • Filters
  • Gasoline additives, catalytic agents, neutralisers
  • Air contamination control devices
  • Perspective technologies of reduction polluting substances emissions in atmosphere
  • Analytical control devices

Land: Contaminated area rehabilitation, Improvements in towns

  • Contaminated area rehabilitation, improvements in cities
  • Landfilling reclamation
  • Recultivation of ash disposal areas, contaminated land recultivation technologies
  • Damp course materials
  • Planting of trees
  • Winter and summer cleaning

Power: Renewable power sources, resource saving; waste to power, biogas

Environmental services:

  • Environment protection design, regulation, planning, consulting
  • Environmental management
  • Environmental audit
  • Environmental insurance
  • Environment protection monitoring
  • Environmental engineering
  • Development of software for environment protection
  • Training and education, preparation of experts-ecologists
  • Radiation control, etc.

Working clothes

Occupational safety and health

Industrial safety


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