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ECOS - 2009

Attention! The event is over.

International Specialized Exhibition of Technologies and Means of Protecting Water, Air Quality, Waste Management, Sanitary Cleaning of Cities, Cleaning and Environmental Services in Krasnodar Territory and in Sochi

Date: 01.10.2009 - 03.10.2009 

City: Sochi - information about city

Holder: LLC "High Expo International"

Topics: Natural Resources, Municipal Management




Venue: Theatre Square in Front of Winter Theatre

Exhibition Sections:

  • Ecological safety of water environment:
    • projecting and building of water treatment plants
    • domestic and industrial waste water treatment
    • sludge processing and utilization
    • chemical reagents for natural and waste water treatment
    • domestic filters of water treatment, industrial water purifying filters
    • quality control, potable water purifying and waste water treatment
    • control, dispatching, and automation of water treatment plants
  • Ecological safety of air environment:
    • systems of atmospheric air cleaning from pollution caused by stationary and mobile sources
    • ventilation, systems of smoke and gas removal (exhaust units, air filters, dust catchers)
    • ecological monitoring of air pollution
    • measuring, testing, and analytical equipment
  • Collection, processing, and utilization of wastes:
    • collection, sorting out, transporting of wastes of different origin
    • processing of wastes with the output of semi-finished goods and ready products
    • utilization and recycling of wastes
    • equipment and plants for wastes processing
    • collection and processing of ferrous and non-ferrous metals junk, auto recycling
    • enzymatic agents for processing of organic products (biogranules, fat solvents fat etc.)
    • secondary raw stuff (products, received after wastes processing)
    • metrological and project support of wastes management procedure (analytical and biological control, testing etc.)
  • Sea and coastal zone ecology:
    • technologies and equipment for the prevention and cure of effects of oil and oil product spills
    • technologies and means of neutralizing, processing, utilization, and regeneration of collected oil and oil products, used absorbents
    • processing and utilization of oil sludges, territory recovery
    • cleaning of vessels and coastal tanks from oil residual
    • cleaning of sea bottom from junk and dangerous wastes
  • Transport ecology:
    • reductions in the toxicity systems for exhaust gases of vehicles
    • equipment for prevention and absorption of hazardous emissions: filters, catalysts
    • car washing installations with non-waste cycle process
    • municipal transport ecology
    • ecology of railway and water transport
  • Ecology in housing and utilities and in building, Sanitary and cleaning services:
    • city sanitary cleaning: cleaning and removal of garbage, territory greening
    • equipment for professional cleaning in housing and utilities and in industry
    • municipal cleaning machines
    • professional cleaning of premises
    • hygiene and sanitary
    • professional and household chemicals
    • cleaning services
    • ecological expertise and engineering and environmental explorations
    • environmentally friendly building materials and structures
    • ecological recovery of natural territories, accomplishment
  • Engineering and environmental explorations, nature protective services:
    • exploration and estimation of environmental components pollution
    • devices and systems of environmental control at industrial enterprises
    • ecological audit of industrial facilities
    • ecological expertise, consulting, insurance, licensing
    • environmental monitoring, estimation of natural and technogenic resks
    • development of certificates for water facilities ecological certificates for users of natural resources
    • facilities pre-project documentation preparation
    • calculation of damages inflicted on invironment
  • Ecology and industrial safety:
    • operational safety
    • health safety, emergency medicine means
    • individual protection means: dermatologic protection means, gloves, mittens; respiratory, vision, hearing protection
    • health protection, emergency medicine means
    • overalls and special footwear for all industrial sectors
    • attestation and check of working places with respect to operational safety; hygiene, instructions on operational safety, informational signs and posters, special literature
    • specialists training and education

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