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Dairy Industry - 2010

Attention! The event is over.

8th International Forum

Date: 16.03.2010 - 19.03.2010 

City: Moscow - information about city

Holder: Global-Expo

Topic: Agriculture, Food Industry

"Dairy Industry - 2010" exhibition news, 17-Feb-2010

Announce: On March 16 - 19, 2010, in the pavilion № 75 of the All-Russian Exhibition Center, the 8th International Forum "Dairy Industry - 2010" and the 9th International Forum "Meat Industry - 2010" will be held.

On March 16 - 19, 2010, in the pavilion № 75 of the All-Russian Exhibition Center, the 8th International Forum "Dairy Industry - 2010" and the 9th International Forum "Meat Industry - 2010" will be held. The "Refrigerating Equipment for Food Industry - 2010" International Exhibition, the "Industry of Frozen Products - 2010" International Exhibition, and the "Packing Industry- 2010" Exhibition-Salon will be held concurrently to the forums and at the same fairgrounds.

The organizers of the events are the "Global Expo" exhibition company, Dairy Workers Union of Russia, Butchers Union of Russia, Rosptitsesoyuz, National Confederation of Packers, Russian Union of Refrigerating Industry Enterprises. The events are held with the support of the Ministry of Agriculture of the RF, Moscow Government, and Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the RF.

The "Dairy Industry - 2010", "Meat Industry - 2010" forums are the most respected events in the sphere of the meat and dairy industries of Russia, and they shape the development strategy. Traditionally, within the framework of the forums, there will be international exhibitions, scientific and practical conferences, seminars, round tables, competitions, and excursions.

The forums are the only specialized events in Russia, which present the full technology cycle of the industrial processing of meat and milk - from production of raw meat and milk to ready products, including equipment, technologies, certification, transportation, packing, storage.

The following companies announced their participation in the Forums 2010: "Wimm-Bill-Dann.", "Danon", "Unimilk", "Tetra Pack", "DeLaval", "Tauras-Fenix", "Komsomolets", "Techmacshservice", "Elopack", GEA, "Prolight", "Eco-Kom", "Transfer", "Sapal Sa" and others. About 300 companies from 24 countries, including Russia, Germany, Italy, Ukraine, France, Austria, Holland and others will demonstrate their achivements in the field of food industry.

For the first time this year, the Association of Agricultural Producers of France ADEPTA will become the exhibitor at the Forum. Its member companies - CHARRIAU, EUROBINOX, GROUPE SIT, LA BUVETTE, SERAC, TECNAL, THIMONNIER, MECAPLASTIC and others - will present their products, equipment, and technologies.

There will be the 10th anniversary celebration of the Dairy Workers Union of Russia within the framework of the 8th International Forum "Dairy Industry - 2010". A number of events for the industry professionals will be devoted to this celebration, and that, beyond doubt, will draw attention of the business society and mass media.

The International Forums "Dairy Industry - 2010" and "Meat Industry - 2010" will present the full spectrum of innovations and achievements in the industry. Livestock breeding and agricultural farms, wholesale companies are invited for participation this year, the considerable extension of the ready products sector is planned. The business program of the Forums includes: panel discussions of the leaders in the meat and dairy industry, convention of the Dairy Workers Union of Russia, scientific and practical conferences, round tables and seminars on the topics, related to dairy cattle husbandry technologies, development of the compound feed market, aspects of dairy cattle care, fodder production technologies, problems of investments attraction. There will also be professional contests, excursions to the livestock breeding and milk processing enterprises, master-classes for undergraduate students of the specialized universities of Russia.

For the second time, within the framework of the "Dairy Industry - 2010" Forum, the International "Salon of Cheese - 2010" will be held. As part of the salon's program, there will be a round table "The Present Condition and the Prospects of Cheesemaking Development in Russia" under the guidance of Chetverov V.I., Head of the Dairy Department at the "Dominant" GC.

The goal of the "Refrigarating Equipment for Food Industry - 2010", "Industry of Frozen Products - 2010", "Industry of Packing - 2010" exhibitions is the creation of efficient platform for business cooperation and direct contacts establishing between the companies of related industries (packing, refrigerating sectors) and the ultimate customers - food producing companies. About 100 companies will take part in the events. They are producers of ice-cream and frozen products, refrigerating equipment, ventilation and air conditioning systems, raw materials, ingredients, packing. The conferences, business meetings, competitions are planned within the work of the exhibitions.

The general sponsor of the 8th International Forum "Dairy Industry - 2010" is "Wimm-Bill-Dann" OJSC company, the official sponsor is "Unimilk Company" OJSC.

The heads of the federal and regional governmental offices, professional international and national organizations, chief executives and specialists of the dairy industry enterprises, dairy cattle hasbandry farms, reseach and educational establishments will take part in the work of the forums and exhibitions.


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