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CSTB. Telecom & Media - 2019

Attention! The event is over.

21st International Exhibition and Forum

Date: 29.01.2019 - 31.01.2019 

City: Moscow - information about city

Holder: "Midexpo - Exhibition and Fairs", Ltd

Topic: Information Technologies and Communications




Venue: IEC "Crocus Expo"

"CSTB. Telecom & Media" is the main event of the television and Telecom industry, from which the business season in the Russian television and telecommunications industry opens annually for more than 20 years.

"CSTB. Telecom & Media" - is a launch pad for starting new projects and TV channels, for consolidating market solutions on the most pressing issues. Leading operators of multichannel digital television and communication, cable and satellite companies, world media giants and Russian content providers, manufacturers and suppliers of equipment and services, broadcasters and Internet providers, corporate customers, as well as representatives of relevant departments are gathered here.

Among the objectives of the exhibition and the forum was to identify new trends in the field of television and telecommunications. In the sphere of interests - digital multichannel television broadcasting: cable and satellite TV, IPTV, OTT; interactive services; Ultra HD content; TV channels; digital terrestrial TV; system integration; technologies, solutions and communication services: FTTx, Ethernet, data networks, satellite communication, telecommunication and network infrastructure, software.

Exhibition Sections:

Digital Multi-Channel TV

  • Cable and Satellite TV:
    • subscriber home equipment
    • satellite receiving antennae
    • professional satellite receivers and transmitters
    • head ends and amplifiers for cable networks
    • passive distribution equipment for cable networks
    • optical equipment for cable networks, optical fiber
    • coaxial and fiber-optic cable
    • hardware and software for the reverse channel in TV networks
    • equipment for wireless TV networks
    • control, test and measuring equipment
    • conditional Access Systems
    • subscription service systems
  • Connected TV (IPTV, OTT, Smart TV):
    • online video services
    • CDN network
    • Cloud based solutions for TV
    • multiscreen
  • Interactive services:
    • VoD
    • Catch-up TV
    • EPG
    • time-shifting
    • pay-per-view
    • distant learning
  • HD, 4K content; TV channels
  • Digital terrestrial TV:
    • studio equipment
    • equipment for production and post-production
    • TV transmitters
    • receiving antenna and set-top boxes
    • mobile television stations
    • automated TV broadcasting system
    • digital archiving systems
    • equipment for media measurement
  • System integration

Telecom technologies, solutions and services

  • Cabled networks (FTTx, xDSL, Ethernet)
  • Mobile communications (equipment and data services)
  • Satellite communications:
    • satellite operators
    • equipment for satellite reception and broadcasting
    • broadband satellite services
    • VSAT technologies
    • satellite Internet
    • industry solutions for public customers
  • IP-Telephony (equipment, solutions and services)
  • Data networks:
    • mobile networks (LTE, Wi-Fi, 3G / 4G)
    • fixed broadband (FTTx, xDSL, Ethernet, Li-Fi)
  • Telecommunications and network infrastructure:
    • network equipment:
      • transceiver, measurement and control equipment
      • uninterruptible power systems
      • cabinets and racks
      • structured cabling systems and their installation
    • telecommunication equipment:
      • head-ends
      • server equipment
      • radio relay equipment
      • antenna towers, antenna masts
      • cables - optical, fiber optic, copper, coaxial
    • storage (NAS)
    • data storage and processing centers (DATA-centers)
  • Software:
    • mobile applications
    • billing systems and customer care
    • cloud solutions and services
    • application software for the telecommunications industry
    • public sector solutions
    • big Data, solutions for data processing and analysis
    • information security, data storage and protection
  • IT-services:
    • software development, information systems and applications
    • system integration, development and implementation of IT solutions
  • Internet-based technologies and services:
    • internet of Things (IoT)
    • internet TV
    • internet service providers
    • internet services for mobile devices
    • search engines
    • social TV and networks
    • services and applications

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