Summer Cottage. Flower and Vegetable Garden. Farmstead - 2021

All-Russian Specialized Exhibition

Date: 06.10.2021 - 10.10.2021 

City: Volgograd - information about city

Holder: VolgogradEXPO

Topic: Agriculture, Food Industry




Venue: TVK Expocentre

Exhibition Sections:

  • Summer Cottage. Flower and Vegetable Garden:
    • planting materials, seedlings, seeds
    • plant protection products, fertilizers, plant food
    • hothouses, hotbeds, covering material
    • watering and irrigation systems
    • mini agricultural machines for gardens and farmsteads
    • garden tools and equipment
    • domestic and garden insect and rodent control means
  • Farmstead:
    • country house improvements
    • garden furniture
    • saunas, baths, showers
    • mini swimming pools
    • greenhouses, interior gardens
    • fences, hedges, doors and gates
    • garden and park lighting
    • articles for country holiday
  • Landscape design:
    • landscape design and planting greenery
    • hardscape and garden sculpture
    • ornamental ponds, fountains, waterfalls, alpine gardens

Additional information: