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KareliaAgroExpo. Cottage - 2006

Attention! The event is over.

The 1st Republican Specialized exhibition-fair

Date: 25.05.2006 - 27.05.2006 

City: Petrozavodsk - information about city

Holder: "Agency of Business Tourism "Karelekspo"", LLC

Topics: Agriculture, Food Industry, Building and real estate


Place: Petrozavodsk, National Theatre (Karl Marks Avenue, 19).

Exhibition Sections:

  • Plant growing; floriculture; landing material, seeds
  • Covering materials, fertilizers and the means of plant protection
  • Means of small-scale mechanization,transportation
  • Lawn-and-garden implements and instruments
  • Land improvement objects
    • sports and play complexes
    • small architectural forms
    • arbors
    • pergolas etc.
    • furniture
  • Landscape design
  • Technologies of individual building
  • Electrical appliances and power technics; heating equipment; pumps
  • Specialized literature

Additional information: