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Cottage Building. Land Improving and Greenery Planting - 2009

Attention! The event is over.

19th Specialized Exhibition

Date: 17.09.2009 - 20.09.2009 

City: Kharkov - information about city

Holder: ExpoService

Topics: Agriculture, Food Industry, Building and real estate, Municipal Management


Venue: Palace of Sports

Exhibition Sections:

  • Building and projecting:
    • Architectural and engineering projecting of houses, cottages, garden houses from different building materials:
      • concrete, brick, wood
    • Building of residential small-rise housing complexes, cottages, garages, backhouses
    • Ready houses, blockhouses, baths, saunas, outbuildings
    • Organization, technologies and complex support of building
    • Banking and insurance services, legal registration of country real estate and land plots
  • Engineering networks and systems:
    • Systems of ventilation and air conditioning
    • Systems and equipment for gas supply
    • Drilling and completion of wells
    • Systems of heating and water supply
    • Sewerage systems and equipment
    • Valves, automation, pipes
    • Baths, saunas, pools
    • Warm floors
    • Electrical equipment, electrical products, control and measuring equipment
    • Systems of building management
    • Fire fighting systems
    • Safety support systems
    • Information support systems for buildings
    • Systems of wastes bioprocessing and utilization
  • Equipment, materials, structures:
    • Siding, facade, and roofing materials, heat insulation, outdoor finishing
    • Windows, doors, translucent structures
    • Stone for building, facade facing, and interior finishing
    • Polymeric materials, varnishes and paints, dry building mixes
    • Wall materials and structures, partitions, columns, arches
    • Stairs, windows, doors, stanzas, balconies
    • Fireplaces and stoves
    • Cleaning machines and washing equipment
    • Building tools, electrical and petrol powered tools, painting and plastering tools
  • Land improving and greenery planting:
    • Integrated land improving and greenery planting in small gardens and land plots
    • Roofs and fences greening systems, orchard-house, winter gardens, greenhouses, hothouses
    • Natural and artificial stone for garden paths, road kerbs, parapets, support walls, path paving
    • Rails, grates, gates, lifting gates
    • Fountains, waterfalls, pools, garden ponds, watering systems, drainage systems, wells
    • Systems of park lighting, lamps, lighting devices
    • Art forging and moulding
    • Small architectural forms - arbors, awnings, pergolas
    • Garden and park furniture and wicker products
    • Equipment and furnishings for playgrounds
    • Landscape sculpture and decorative products of stone, bronze, wood, ceramics
    • Garden and park tools and machines
    • Planting materials for garden and park greenery planting, greening of cottages and winter gardens

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