Airport Expo - 2024
Airport Expo - 2024

Corrosion Protection - 2021

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International Exhibition-Congress of Technologies, Equipment and Materials for Corrosion Protection

Date: 10.11.2021 - 12.11.2021 

City: Saint-Petersburg - information about city

Holder: "EF-International", LLC

Topic: Industrial Exhibitions



Features of the exhibition:

  • Key topic - corrosion protection of technological equipment, pipelines and metal structures of fuel and energy complex
  • The exhibition is held with the participation of large oil and gas enterprises - the major users of equipment, materials and technologies for protection against corrosion
  • The exhibition will be attended by leading Russian and world manufacturers and industry experts, as well as national and foreign industry unions, governmental and non-governmental organizations
  • High buyer's potential of the exhibition. Visitors - users of materials, equipment and technologies for anti-corrosion protection from various industries (oil and gas, petrochemical, chemical, energy, mechanical engineering, power engineering, shipbuilding, automotive, construction, municipal services)

Exhibition Sections:

  • Technologies for surface preparation of metals and materials for coating:
    • grinding
    • etching
    • polishing
    • degreasing
    • abrasive
    • hydroabrasive
    • shot blasting
    • ultrasonic
    • laser
    • vacuum
    • plasma
  • Surface preparation equipment and materials
  • Anti-corrosion and protective coatings, production and application technology:
    • paint related
    • water-dilution
    • oil
    • acrylic
    • organosilicon
    • polyurethane and epoxy
    • powder
    • mastics, primers
    • rust converters
    • raw materials for all types of paints and varnishes
    • polymeric
    • elastomeric
    • electroplating
    • galvanizing
    • metallization
    • gas thermal, plasma spraying
    • insulating
    • flame retardant
    • other anti-corrosion materials
    • corrosion inhibitors
    • additives
    • packing material
  • Protective coating equipment, application technology:
    • equipment and technologies for applying polymer and paint coatings
    • equipment and technologies for laser surface treatment
    • equipment and technologies for thermal spraying
    • equipment and technologies for plasma vacuum spraying
    • heat treatment equipment and technologies
  • Electrochemical protection:
    • cathodic protection and drainage protection stations
    • earthing
    • blocks
    • electrodes
    • panel equipment
    • measuring equipment
    • complexes of modular equipment
    • insulation surface quality measuring devices
    • thermal material
  • Sacrificial protection:
    • aluminium protectors
    • magnesium
    • zinc
    • alloy
  • Technical diagnostics, quality control, non-destructive testing equipment:
    • test instruments and methods, quality control of insulating and protective coatings
    • monitoring instruments and methods for testing the corrosion resistance of materials
    • laboratory equipment
    • testing laboratories
    • methods and tools for corrosion monitoring and diagnostics of metal surface coating сondition
    • residual life determination
  • Corrosion-resistant steels and alloys, metals, pipes
  • Maintenance and repair. Services
  • Occupational safety, personal protective equipment
  • Industrial safety
  • Research and development
  • Personnel training
  • Information services

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