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Crimea. Building Industry. Energy Saving. Autumn - 2021

Attention! The event is over.

36th Interregional Exhibition of Building Materials, Electrical Products and Energy Saving Technologies

Date: 14.10.2021 - 01.03.2022 

City: Online - information about city

Holder: Forum. Crimean Exhibitions Ltd.

Topics: Building and real estate, Industrial Exhibitions


Exhibition Sections:

  • Building materials and technologies
  • Construction machines and mechanisms
  • Engineering systems and equipment
  • Windows, doors, roofs, facades
  • Wood construction
  • Small architectural forms. Improvement of territories
  • Metal constructions
  • Plumbing
  • Ecology. Water purification systems
  • Heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems
  • Boiler equipment
  • Electrical and lighting equipment
  • Cabling and wiring products
  • Diagnostic tools for the technical condition of equipment
  • Metering devices for electric and thermal energy, gas, water
  • Energy saving and use of alternative energy sources
  • Automation systems, software for enterprises of the construction, energy and electrical industries
  • Safety. Security systems
  • Labor protection and safety equipment in construction and energy
  • Legal, consulting, transport services

Additional information: