«дравоохранение ”рала - 2025 (г. ≈катеринбург)
«дравоохранение ”рала - 2025 (г. ≈катеринбург)

Cleanexpo - 2005

Attention! The event is over.

3rd Central-Asian International Exhibition "Cleaning and washing-up liquids, equipment for dry-cleaners and laundries, and harvest equipment"

Date: 03.11.2005 - 05.11.2005 

City: Almaty - information about city

Holder: ITECA

Topics: Consumer Goods, Industrial Exhibitions


Venue:Almaty, Atakent


  • ITE Group PLc
  • Iteca

Official support:

  • Ministry of Industry and Trade of RK
  • Administration Almaty City
  • Central Asia Association of Cleaning Companies

Exhibition Sections:

  • Professional cleaning:
    • machines for dry and wet cleaning of large areas
    • hand tools for cleaning
    • professional cleaning services
  • Industrial cleaning:
    • treatment facilities
    • car washes
    • environmental pollution control
    • waste recycling and treatment
  • Household chemicals:
    • laundry detergents, soap, cleaning pastes
    • aerosols and antistatic agents
    • car-care products
    • insect and rodent control products
  • Dry cleaning and Laundry equipment:
    • dry cleaning machines
    • equipment for laundry services
    • chemicals and technologies
  • Sanitary equipment and hygiene products:
    • lavatory equipment
    • disinfection, deratation
    • hair, skin and body care products
  • Work wear and occupational safety and health products:
    • protective clothing, uniforms for cleaning personnel
    • ventilation and air-conditioning system
    • filters and air purification
    • drinkable water treatment

Additional information: