EcoGorodExpo - 2021, June 4 - 5, Moscow

Mir Detstva - 2021

26th International Exhibition for Goods and Services for Children and Teenagers, New Educational and Personality Developing Programmes

Date: 21.09.2021 - 24.09.2021 

City: Moscow - information about city

Holder: Expocentre

Topic: Consumer Goods




Venue: Central Exhibition Complex "Expocentre"

Exhibition Sections:

  • Goods for newborns and infants:
    • prams, pushchairs
    • baby sitters, baby carriers and accessories
    • baby walkers, high chairs, travel cots, potties, toilet trainers, safe steps, bibs
    • car seats
    • home safety and health items
    • furniture and interior items for children's rooms, mattresses
    • cradles, cots, dressers
    • breastfeeding accessories, milk storage equipment, feeding bottles
    • bottle teats, baby soothers and dummies, baby tableware, tooth brushes and teethers
    • baby bedding, cot bedding, quilts and blankets, pillows, sleeping bags, newborn essential clothing sets
    • audio/video baby monitors, baby digital scales, electronic thermometers, food and bottle warmers, skill development toys
    • baby food
    • hygiene items for newborn care: bathing, nappies, wipes, accessories for care of babies
    • baby cosmetics: creams, lotions, powders, baby cosmetics
    • cosmetics for pregnant women and nursing mothers
  • Games, toys, hobbies, education and development:
    • motorized battery toys, wooden and plastic toys
    • toys and games (interactive, coordinating, learning and development toys, etc)
    • construction sets, self assembly and radio-controlled toys and models
    • electronic, computer and multimedia games
    • hobbies and models, table games
    • puzzles, stamps, badges, key rings
    • dolls, dolls' houses and accessories
    • soft toys
    • licensed toys
    • electric cars for children
    • furniture for nursery schools and kindergartens
    • sports equipment and multi-purpose facilities for playgrounds
    • goods for active recreation
  • All for a holiday and New year:
    • Christmas and New Year decorations and souvenirs
    • Christmas trees
    • fancy dresses and stage costumes, masks and practical jokes
    • Christmas and New Year gifts
    • greeting cards, gift-books, audio and video products
    • children's party management services
    • balloons and balloon decorations
    • fireworks
  • Children's creativity, design, stationery:
    • kits for children's creativity
    • embroidery kits
    • creative kits for painting
    • constructing out of paper and other material
    • paper for children's creativity
    • the goods for the drawing
    • the goods for modeling and simulation
    • coloring by numbers
    • decoupage
    • gravure
    • soap making
    • child make
    • scrapbooking
    • magic tricks
    • stained glass painting
    • murals
    • stationery
    • school supplies
  • Additional education of children:
    • educational centers of early development of children
    • educational center of robotics
    • education centres of programming
    • education centers and study programs of foreign languages
    • innovative scientific centers for children
    • baby techno-parks
    • leisure centres, career guidance
    • centres of additional education of children
    • health centres additional education for children
    • children's and youth tourism; recreation and training
    • developers and producers of scientific and methodological materials
    • publishing methodical literature for additional education of children
    • posters, geographical maps, visual aids
    • training manuals and periodicals for children and teenagers
    • educational software
    • programs and projects of social protection and family support, children and adolescents

Additional information: