Chemistry. Oil and Gas - 2014

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15th International Exhibition

Date: 20.05.2014 - 23.05.2014 

City: Minsk - information about city


Topics: Petrolium, Gas, Chemistry, Industrial Exhibitions




Venue: Football Manege

Exhibition Sections:

  • Technologies, raw materials and products of chemical industries
  • Chemical products and materials in different sectors of economics
  • Chemical reagents, diagnostic sets, low tonnage special chemicals
  • Plastics, polymeric and synthetic materials, rubbers, general mechanical rubber goods, tires
  • Chemical fibers
  • Technologies and products of primary and fine processing of hydrocarbon raw materials
  • Chemical and pharmaceutical products and medications. Products of microbiological synthesis. Biotechnologies
  • Equipment, gears and means of automation and telemetry for chemical, oil and oil-and-gas refining industry. Equipment and pipelines corrosion protection
  • Laboratory equipment, devices for chemical analysis, software for laboratories
  • Exploitation of oil-and-gas deposits
  • Collection, primary processing, transporting and storage of oil, oil products and gas
  • Building and repair of oil and gas pipelines
  • Gasification. Stop, control, relief valves in gas distribution systems
  • Municipal and domestic gas equipment, gas boilers and boiler equipment, flow-type calorifiers, gas cylinder equipment, gas meters, gas stoves
  • Automation of processes of oil-and-gas production and preparation for transporting
  • Natural gas as motor fuel. Gas cylinder equipment for cars, road, hoisting, building, agricultural and other machines
  • Scientific, research and engineering developments
  • Washing and cleaning of equipment for petrochemical complex
  • Environment protection
  • Operational safety
  • Household chemical products:
    • synthetic washing agents and detergents
    • yarns and fabrics
    • nonwoven fabrics
    • sanitary and hygiene perfumery products
    • plastic products
    • fertilizers
    • chemical plant protecting agents and growth biostimulants
    • varnishes
    • paints
    • enamels
    • colouring agents
    • sealants
    • adhesives
    • polymeric building materials and structures

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