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International Calligraphic Exhibition - 2008

Attention! The event is over.

Exhibition Project

Date: 16.09.2008 - 21.09.2008 

City: Saint-Petersburg - information about city

Holders: MVK International exhibition company, National Calligraphers Union

Topics: Culture. Art. Collectibles. Antiques, Society

"International Calligraphic Exhibition - 2008" exhibition news, 29-Feb-2008

Announce: Some famous Russian calligraphers applied to MVK International Exhibition Company launching the project the Art of Excellence in the Cultural and Exhibition Center "Sokolniki". They want to open calligraphic schools in their cities

Schools of Calligraphy Will Be Opened in Russia.

Some famous Russian calligraphers expressed the desire to open calligraphic schools in their cities. The artists applied with request to MVK International Exhibition Company launching the project Calligraphy: the Art of Excellence. The executives of MVK discussed the request and approved the idea. If everything goes right, one of the schools will be opened in Moscow at Sokolniki Exhibition Centre, and another one will work in St Petersburg at Russian Institute of the History of Arts.

By the way, International Calligraphic Exhibition aimed at restoring the interest for this forgotten kind of graphic art, will be organized by MVK International Exhibition Company in autumn. On the exhibition days the visitors will try their hand at calligraphic art and professionals will attend master classes of the world famous calligraphers. The exhibition will lay the foundation for Mobile Calligraphic Museum containing outstanding samples of Slavic script and important historical handwritten documents from all over the world.


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