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Entrepreneurship Forum Siberia. Investment Climate. Business Services. Purchases. GOSZAKAZ - 2017

Attention! The event is over.

Specialized Forum

Date: 19.10.2017 - 21.10.2017 

City: Krasnoyarsk - information about city

Holder: Krasnoyarsk Fair

Topics: Advertising and Publishing Activities, Business, Economics, Finances, Safety




Venue: International Exhibition and Business Center "Siberia"

Section "Business Of Siberia. Investment climate" is a demonstration of the business services; assistance to small firms in the effective use of funds and finding their place in today's marketplace; demonstration of methods of support and development of small and medium-size enterprises, advanced technologies and forms of work of the state, financial credit and public structures with small businesses.

Section "Purchases. Business services" aims to promote a fair, open and transparent mechanisms of access of small and medium businesses to procurement by infrastructure monopolies and companies with state participation; the procurement at the expense of budget funds; conduct an open discussion of the problems of the existing practice of application and improvement of Legislation on public procurement; exchange of domestic and international experience in the system of placing orders.

In 2015 the theme of the forum added "Franchising" that will allow franchisors to expand its regional network, and local entrepreneurs to become owners of successful businesses under well-known brands. The inclusion of this section is aimed at solving the following tasks:
- teaching young entrepreneurs new knowledge, abilities and skills necessary for the creation and purchase of a franchise;
- ability of finished packages and business opportunities in other regions, as well as the creation of a platform for partnerships among entrepreneurs at the regional level;
- ability to learn technologies of franchising and learn about its Russian and foreign concepts on the spot to hold negotiations with representatives of famous brands;
- ability to receive advice about obtaining a loan for the creation of start-up capital.
- creation of conditions for cooperation of entrepreneurs with each other to exchange experience and development of joint business projects;
- ability to advice on legal aspects of franchising.

Participation in the "Entrepreneurship Forum Siberia" gives exhibitors the best opportunity to expand business partnerships and to choose an effective marketing policy.

Exhibition Sections:

  • Franchising:
    • manufacturing franchise
    • franchises in public catering
    • franchise in trade
    • franchise of the services sector
    • franchise IT and Internet
  • Finance and credit:
    • banks, leasing companies, mortgage agencies
    • insurance companies
    • management companies, investment companies, nongovernmental pension funds, mutual investment funds, brokerage firms
    • auditing agencies, accounting firms, tax advice
  • Office and bank supply:
    • stationery, machinery and equipment for offices
    • bank equipment
    • representative products, business gifts
  • Business services:
    • management, consulting
    • marketing, advertising
    • legal services
    • human resources and recruitment
    • business education
    • security operations, business security
    • business tourism
  • Information business technologies:
    • software
    • systems of electronic commerce
    • reference and information systems
  • Business support and development infrastructure:
    • governmental structures
    • foundations, crediting unions
    • chambers of commerce and industry
    • associations, leagues, unions
  • Governmental oder:
    • federal and regional governmental structures and regional governmental offices of the Russian Federation
    • federal and municipal customers
    • Russian and foreign suppliers of goods, works and services for State requirements

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