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Металлобработка. Металлургия - 2024

StroyTechExpo. Housing and Public Utilities. Road Building - 2016

Attention! The event is over.

Specialized Exhibition

Date: 22.03.2016 - 24.03.2016 

City: Ufa - information about city

Holder: Business Innovation Center "Ligas"

Topics: Building and real estate, Natural Resources, Municipal Management


Venue: Exhibition complex "UFA EXPO"

The forum will include:


  • Architectural, engineering design, construction and installation organizations
  • Multistory and low-rise construction
  • Quick-building and mobile constructions and buildings, mobile units
  • Building machinery, equipment, tools
  • Building materials, constructions
  • Resource and energy saving materials and technologies in construction
  • Metalware and fittings
  • Paint materials
  • Finishing materials, products for remodeling
  • Fire-fighting systems, smoke exhaust, alarm, security systems
  • Construction safety requirements: special clothes and personal protection means
  • Roofing and insulating systems
  • Landscape building and bautification of urban environment

"Housing and Public Utilities. Energy Saving".

  • Housing funds repair and maintenance
  • Equipment for heat, electricity, water and gas supple, sewage systems
  • Purifying water supply and water disposal systems
  • Pipeline systems
  • Boiling rooms, boilers, heat-exchange units
  • Pumps, fittings, locking-regulating equipment
  • Ventilation systems, air-conditioning
  • Household and industrial waste disposal and recycling
  • Municipal cleaning specialized machinery
  • Energy security: stand-alone power generation systems of life-supporting objects
  • Resource saving and energy effective technologies, equipment and materials
  • Gauges and accounting systems and systems for heat-and-energy, water and gas consumption regulating
  • Fittings, gauges and systems for wiring
  • Process control systems in housing and public utilities sphere
  • Distribution and transmission of energy: transformers, low-voltage distribution systems and devices, cables, cords, wires, cable equipment

"Road Building".

  • Design, construction, repair and maintenance of roads
  • Materials, equipment and technologies for building and repair of roads
  • Highway engineering
  • Attachable implements
  • Machinery for bridges and tunnels construction
  • Handling machinery
  • Compressors, generators, mobile power stations, engines
  • Equipment for machines, mechanisms and materials transportation
  • Car barriers, enclosures, banisters, road sighs, gates
  • Lighting equipment for cities, highways, underground passages, garages, parking lots
  • Road safety management systems
  • Spare parts and components for machines and mechanisms

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