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Building Industry. Housing and Public Utilities. Energy Saving - 2021

Attention! The event is over.

International Specialized Exhibition

Date: 07.04.2021 - 09.04.2021 

City: Ulan-Ude - information about city

Holder: Baikal Expo, LLC

Topics: Building and real estate, Industrial Exhibitions


Venue: Sports complex

Exhibition Sections:

  • New building technologies and materials:
    • construction of buildings and structures, architectural projects and interior design, decor
    • pre-fabricated structures, mobile structures, arch structures
    • translucent design
    • concrete and reinforced concrete structures, cement, lime, gypsum
    • finishing materials
    • dry mixes, paints, related materials
    • metallurgy, metal construction, corrugated sheet
    • welding: equipment and technologies
    • pipe, valves
    • facade and roofing materials, bricks, refractory materials
    • heat-, hydro-, soundproof material
    • rainwater and drainage products
    • drilling: equipment, technology, equipment
    • tool, fasteners
    • windows, doors, accessories, gates and automation
  • Energy-saving technologies and materials:
    • energy-efficient technologies and materials
    • energy saving, resource saving
    • energy supply systems, energy in the region
    • environmentally friendly energy sources
    • wiring accessories
    • electrical equipment, lighting equipment
    • metering devices of heat, light and water
  • Realty:
    • residential, commercial, overseas property
    • municipal improvement
    • services in the field of Realty
  • Engineering equipment, equipment and machinery for housing and communal services:
    • ventilation, climatic equipment
    • heating system
    • water treatment systems and sewage
    • pumps, compressors
    • boiler equipment
    • metering devices of heat, light and water
  • Automation systems:
    • lifting equipment
    • equipment and technologies for complex automation of industrial enterprises
    • automation of technological processes
    • design, development
    • software
  • Woodworking, timber industry:
    • technology, machinery and equipment for woodworking and logging
    • wood construction
    • furniture, equipment for furniture production
    • equipment and tools
    • machinery, construction and road machines, cars, spare parts
    • mechanical engineering, aircraft engineering, helicopter engineering
  • Logistics, transportation, warehouse
  • Mining and processing industries
  • Security and protection systems, fire extinguishing systems; video monitoring
  • Overalls
  • Banking services, loans, mortgages and insurance

Additional information: