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Construction. Development. Interior - 2016

Attention! The event is over.

21st Interregional Specialized Exhibition

Date: 27.04.2016 - 29.04.2016 

City: Barnaul - information about city

Holder: Altai Fair

Topic: Building and real estate




Venue: Palace of Entertainment and Sports n.a. G.S. Titov

Exhibition "Construction. Landscaping. Interior" is one of the major specialized event in the construction market of Siberia and related industries. In an integrated exhibition area taking place presentations of new products, discuss relevant professional and business issues, to find clients and partners, here come the experts from different territories of Altai Krai and other regions.

Features of exhibitors:

  • to find customers and partners to expand the market
  • to strengthen the market position or to introduce yourself to market
  • to demonstrate novelties
  • to negotiate with business representatives and administrative structures
  • to sell your products and services
  • to meet in person with existing customers and partners, get feedback from them
  • to conduct surveys, research

Exhibition Sections:

  • Construction and architecture:
    • specialised exposition "Housing construction"
    • specialised exposition "Comfortable living in an urban environment"
  • Building and finishing materials
  • Energetics complex. Gasification. Housing and communal services. Landscaping
  • Timber processing. Woodworking
  • Special machinery. Industrial equipment. Transport
  • Services in the sphere of construction
  • Interior design
  • "Summer Season"

Additional information: