BUDEXPO - 2022

Attention! The event is over.

International Specialized Exhibition

Date: 16.03.2022 - 18.03.2022 

City: Minsk - information about city

Holder: Belexpo

Topic: Building and real estate




Venue: The pavilion, 14, Pobediteley avenue

Exhibition Sections:

  • Architecture:
    • comfortable housing concept
    • architectural solutions for the modern urban environment
    • design of individual and multi-family housing
    • design of public spaces and territories
    • light in architecture
    • small architectural forms and landscaping
    • bionic architecture
    • reconstruction and restoration
  • Real estate:
    • presentation of major development projects
    • offers from developers and real estate agencies
    • real estate in satellite cities
    • loan programs, housing construction savings, mortgage
    • investment in construction and real estate
    • real estate legislation
  • Construction:
    • individual and urban housin construction
    • prefabricated buildings
    • green building materials
    • wooden house building
    • renewable energy in construction
    • electric house
    • energy efficient solutions in construction
    • modern building materials
    • innovation in the use of traditional materials
    • accessible roof area
    • machinery, equipment, tools
  • Smart home/ Smart city:
    • building management systems
    • home security
    • lighting equipment
    • heat, energy, gas, water supply and sewerage systems
    • water treatment systems, air purification systems
    • ventilation and air conditioning
    • heat and power equipment, boilers, heat exchangers, pumps
    • elevators, electrical equipment, automation
    • solar panels and systems
    • waste management and recycling systems
  • Infrastructure and communications:
    • barrier-free urban environment
    • bicycle and strollers parking lots
    • bike lanes
    • transport infrastructure
    • parking systems
    • family leisure and recreation
    • landscaping, garden, vegetable garden
  • Design:
    • complete interior and exterior solutions
    • interior design of residential and public buildings
    • universal environment design
    • interiors of unique purpose buildings
    • furniture and accessories design
    • interior light

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