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BIT - 2020

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International Forum "Business & IT. Around DC. Around Cloud. Around IoT. Around IP"

Date: 11.06.2020 - 11.06.2020 

City: Khmelnitsky - information about city

Holder: CIS Events Group

Topic: Information Technologies and Communications


Exhibition Sections:

  • Cloud technologies for business:
    • advantages of cloud technologies for business
    • role and place of cloud technologies in IT strategy
    • prospects of using public clouds for business
    • cloud CRM systems and applications
    • effective collaboration with the cloud
    • SLA in public clouds
    • evaluate the cost of ownership of your cloud infrastructure
    • development of cloud technologies
    • experience in building and operating a private cloud
    • experience building and using a hybrid cloud
  • Business and IT:
    • improving the efficiency of the company with the help of modern information technologies and solutions
    • usage of universal means of communication (unified communications, IP-telephony)
    • modern business processes and IT
    • economic and legal aspects
    • improved availability of corporate resources and increased IT infrastructure resiliency
    • the practice of using it services for a distributed company
  • IT services for business:
    • data storage as a service
    • services for the smooth operation of the corporate network
    • services provided by data centers for business
  • CCTVoIP (video surveillance):
    • video surveillance components (SD and HD)
    • video surveillance network design tools
    • video buffering, storage and analysis tools
    • experience in the implementation CCTVoIP for a variety of applications
  • Information security:
    • intrusion prevention technologies
    • physical security solutions for IT
    • abuse practices and analysis
    • audit of resources and communication costs
    • administration services outsourcing
  • Data storage:
    • structured cabling systems for DSS
    • local area networks for DSS
    • building modern data storage systems
    • secure data storage, network data (SAN), or network storage devices (NAS))
    • disaster recovery
  • Data center and server rooms:
    • architectural design and construction of data centers
    • selection of premises and sites for it infrastructure placement
    • engineering infrastructure design
    • promising solutions for data center cable infrastructure and modern buildings
    • modular and container data centers
    • reliable and economical power supply and cooling
    • usage of innovative technologies in the construction of cooling systems
    • renewable energy source
    • "green" technology
    • infrastructure for management and monitoring
    • automation and dispatching of engineering systems
    • fire safety and access control systems
    • security systems, protection of networks and resources from theft and attacks
  • Wireless technology:
    • standards, technologies and solutions (Wi - Fi, WiMAX)
    • building local and distributed wireless networks
    • design and legislation
    • information security
    • components and solutions for antenna-feeder devices
    • testing and diagnostics
  • VoIP (voice over IP):
    • components of VoIP solutions
    • integration with traditional telephony
    • experience in the design and implementation of VoIP
    • VoIP and UC-what are the differences and what they give
    • preparation of LAN for VoIP implementation
    • VoIP security
  • V2oIP (voice and video):
    • video, video conferencing, telepresence systems
    • practice of designing audio and video systems of conference rooms and meeting rooms
    • Central equipment of corporate and operator HQs
    • integration of video with UC
    • operator services
    • experience in implementing video and video conferencing systems
  • Internet of things (IoT):
    • smart solutions for businesses and transformation into digital form
    • smart solutions-home, city, cars, energy, enterprise, agriculture
    • Internet of things to improve production efficiency
    • industrial Internet of things-platforms and solutions for building and applying IoT in enterprises: from sensors to "clouds"
    • Analytics and data processing in IoT
    • IoT and industrial Internet of things security

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