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Man and Nature. Autumn Blues - 2016

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Specialized Exhibition-Fair

Date: 13.09.2016 - 16.09.2016 

City: Ekaterinburg - information about city

Holder: LLC "Soyuzpromexpo"

Topic: Agriculture, Food Industry


Venue: Culture and Health Sports Complex "Russia"

Exhibition Sections:

  • Subsidiary personal plots:
    • planting material (seeds, bulbs, seedlings of fruit, berry and ornamental plants)
    • fertilizers, chemical and biological crop-protection agents, growth biostimulators
    • greenhouse, special clothes
  • Honey fest:
    • hive products
    • technologies of bee keeping
    • curative and cosmetic preps
  • Products of farms and livestock farms:
    • food based on natural ingredients (jams, pickles)
    • conservation
    • fish products
    • meat and meat products; sausages
    • dairy products
    • bakery products
    • nuts, dried fruits
    • vegetables, fruit

"Harvest - 2016":

  • Agricultural machines and equipment:
    • labor-saving devices
    • tools, inventory, equipment for recycling, storage and packing of agricultural products
    • equipment for storing and feeding of animals and poultry
  • "Country house all year round":
    • construction of houses, baths
    • swimming pools, fireplaces, gazebos
    • engineering support of given lot
    • country house furniture, goods for recreation, housewares
  • Floral design:
    • decorative garden and pot plants
    • cuttings, dry flowers, artificial flowers
    • ceramics, wickers, glass, plastic

NTP Fair "Autumn style"


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