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AutoComplex - 2012

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19th Moscow International Exhibition

Date: 24.10.2012 - 26.10.2012 

City: Moscow - information about city

Holder: ACS-Expo

Topics: Municipal Management, Automobiles, Storage, Transport, Logistics and Transportation


Venue: Central Exhibition Complex "Expocentre"

Exhibition Sections:

  • Oil and gas companies, wholesale suppliers of petroleum products and gas:
    • oil and gas companies
    • refineries, wholesale suppliers of petroleum products and gas
    • suppliers of oils and lubricants
  • Oil tank farms and gas terminals:
    • designing of oil tank farms and gas terminals
    • construction of oil tank farms and gas terminals
    • equipment for tanks
    • handling and filling units for petroleum products and gas
    • metering stations for petroleum products
    • equipment for accounting and handling of liquefied gases
    • drain equipment
    • trestles for road and rail filling systems
  • Transport and logistics for the petroleum sector:
    • tankers, tank trucks, semitrailers, tanks for petroleum products
    • tank trucks and semitrailers - tanks for transportation and filling with gas
    • transportation and logistics services
  • Petrol complexes (station), equipment and construction:
    • branded gasoline and gas filling systems
    • "turnkey" design and construction of gasoline and gas filling complexes
    • production of tanks, sheds and other structures for petrol and gas stations
    • lighting equipment for petrol and gas stations
    • fuel dispensers
    • pumps, filters for decontamination
    • fuelling nozzles and taps
    • sleeves for tankers and fuel dispensers
    • equipment for bunker for small-sized water transport
    • gas dispensers
    • equipment for vehicles running on gas
    • control systems and cashless payments at petrol and gas stations
    • control panels, instruments to monitor the level of petroleum products and LPG
    • instruments for monitoring gasoline, other petroleum products and LPG quality
    • equipment for the production of biofuels, dimethyl ether, hydrogen
    • equipment for refueling transport with biofuels, dimethyl ether, hydrogen
  • Vehicles running on alternative fuels:
    • transport running on the gas, bio, hydrogen and dimethyl ether fuels
    • electric and hybrid vehicles
  • Autotechservice:
    • design and construction of "turnkey" service stations, auto repair shops
    • service stations
    • car repair shops
    • tools
    • diagnostic equipment
    • measuring and monitoring equipment
    • lift platforms and devices, compressors
    • balancing equipment
    • stands similarity-collapse
    • tire fitting machines
    • accessories
    • exhaust system
    • car care products
    • lubricants
  • Car wash facilities, stations:
    • design and construction of "turnkey" car wash systems, stations
    • equipment for manual car washing and dry cleaning shops
    • automatic washing of vehicles
    • water recycling units
  • Oil and gas companies, wholesale suppliers of petroleum products and gas:
    • oil and gas companies
    • refineries, wholesale suppliers of petroleum products and gas
    • suppliers of oils and lubricants
  • Garage and parking:
    • architecture, design and construction of "turnkey" garages, motels, campgrounds, open parking lots
    • garage equipment
    • ventilation systems
    • automatic gates and barriers
    • equipment for car parks
    • road signs
  • Environmental protection:
    • arrangement of adjacent areas
    • wastewaters treatment plants
    • water recovery systems
    • analyzers of corrosion aggressiveness and biological contamination
    • leaks and technical condition control systems for petrol and gas stations, and other service stations
    • devices for collecting waste oil and tanks to store it
    • units and equipment for waste disposal
  • Control systems and calculations:
    • control systems
    • devices for secure communications and access control
    • cashless payment systems
    • credit card readers
    • cash registers
    • cash machines
  • Trade, food supply:
    • salesrooms, equipment
    • mini-shops
    • vending machines
    • fast food systems
  • Advertising and advertising technologies:
    • advertising design of petrol, gas and service stations, and other service facilities
    • design, display works
    • construction materials
    • signs, signboards, light friezes, show-cases
    • printing
    • advertising companies
    • press, TV
  • Security and safety:
    • industrial and fire safety, security and emergency prevention
    • internal and external lighting
    • intercom systems
    • alert systems
    • security surveillance systems
    • anti-theft systems
    • safes
  • Insurance. Financial projects:
    • insurance
    • financial and consulting services
    • leasing
  • Others:
    • overalls
    • training and education programs
    • professional training
    • special literature

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