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Saratov-Agro. Field Day - 2012

Attention! The event is over.

3rd Specialized Agro-Industrial Exhibition

Date: 09.08.2012 - 10.08.2012 

City: Saratov - information about city

Holder: Sofit-Expo

Topic: Agriculture, Food Industry




Exhibition Sections:

  • Agricultural machinery:
    • combines, tractors
    • tillage machinery
    • sowing and planting machines, machinery and equipment for melioration and agricultural irrigation
    • harvesting machines
    • machinery for harvesting and production of fodder
    • machinery for chemical protection and fertilizing
    • special motor transport, trailers, tanks, carts, loaders
    • spare parts and components
    • lubricants, oils, fuel
  • Mill and elevator complexes:
    • equipment for sorting, processing and storage of crop, elevators, granaries
    • equipment for grain-crop processing
    • mill equipment, flour-grinding units
    • spare parts and components for mill and elevator equipment
  • Plant growing:
    • scientific developments and technologies for plant growing
    • seeds
    • planting stock, seedlings, saplings
    • means of plant protection, fertilizers
    • hothouse equipment and covering material
    • equipment for storage and processing of vegetables and fruits
  • Animal husbandry. Poultry keeping:
    • equipment for cattle-breeding and poultry-keeping complexes
    • equipment for harvesting and production of fodder
    • fodder, mixed fodder, veterinary preparations, supplements, vitamins
    • livestock breeding, selection
    • breeding rabbits and fur-bearing animals
    • equipment for the processing of meat and poultry
    • equipment for receiving and processing of milk
    • industrial refrigerating equipment for the agroindustrial complex
  • Apiculture:
    • equipment for bee-keeping farms
    • products of apiculture
  • Standardization and metrology:
    • laboratory equipment
    • instruments for metering temperature, moisture, quality, analyzers
    • weighing equipment
  • Services for enterprises of the agroindustrial complex:
    • crediting, leasing, insurance, consulting services
    • transport services
    • manpower development for the village, personnel training
  • Garden. Cottage. Kitchen garden:
    • soils, fertilizers, planting stock, seeds of flowers, lawn grass and vegetables
    • landscape design, fountains, swimming-pools
    • furniture, implements, accessories for cottages
    • garden machinery, tools, sundry
    • small-scale mechanization
    • hothouses for private sector, irrigation systems, pumping equipment

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