Advertising World - 2009

Attention! The event is over.

10th Specialized Exhibition of Advertising Technologies, Means, and Systems of Promotion of Goods and Services on the Market, Polygraphic Equipment and Services, Consumables, Publishing Activity, Mass Media

Date: 20.05.2009 - 22.05.2009 

City: Omsk - information about city

Holder: International Exhibition Center "INTERSIB"

Topics: Advertising and Publishing Activities, Business, Economics, Finances, Safety




Venue: Sports Complex "Krasnaya Zvezda"

Exhibition Sections:

  • Advertising:
    • advertising technologies and projects
    • advertising campaign planning and carrying out
    • advertising production and placing in mass media
    • outdoor advertising
    • printed advertising
    • tele-, video-, audio-advertising
    • firm style and trading brand development
    • souvenir and representation products
    • equipment for all kinds of advertising production
    • materials for advertising
    • services on advertising production
    • mass media
  • Polygraphy:
    • production of all types of printed products, printing equipment and technologies, copying equipment, software for publishing houses, editing and publishing complexes and consumables for printing (paper, paints etc.)
    • computer graphic art, photo, video services and consumables
    • printed products
    • printing services
    • stationery
  • Design:
    • design development for all kinds of printed advertising, creation of interiors for offices, flats, trading halls, buildings
    • designer studios:
      • industrial
      • graphical
      • computer
      • printing
      • interior
      • environmental
      • phyto-design
    • merchandising
  • Marketing:
    • research methods
    • non-traditional communications
    • market analysis
    • marketing information support
    • direct marketing
    • sales and services promotion
    • internet marketing
    • marketing technologies protection as an intellectual property
    • branding
    • BTL-technologies
  • Public Relations (PR):
    • corporative PR
    • marketing PR
    • financial PR
    • anti-recessionary PR
    • internal PR
    • PR-consulting

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