Здравоохранение Урала - 2024
Здравоохранение Урала - 2024

Welcome to Russia

Dear ladies and gentlemen!

We are glad you are interested in Russian region commercial and industrial exhibitions!

Exhibition attendance is an excellent opportunity to enter into new business relations, introduce your company production and get to know the latest progress news. We hope we can help you to make your trip nice and productive If you do not know exactly the proper event you can firstly use our search system.

If you can not select the optimal variant, we can help to make the right choice. Go to the corresponding page for that.

If you want to visit certain exhibition, you can go to the exhibition page: on the left side of menu you should select Russia, CIS or World region and than [by cities] => [city] => [exhibition].

Your further steps depends on your intention.

  1. If you want to partcipate in the exhibition you can make the order on corresponding page and we'll send you the set of documents. With the knowledge of documents you can fill forms and send them back to us. Documents will be process by special service immediately.

  2. If you want to attend exhibition as business visitor, you can fill in the form on the corresponding page. Also you can tick the service you need.

Attention! Entry to the Russian Federation requires an entry visa for the duration of the visit. This, as well as the passport, is checked by passport control on arrival and departure, at hotels on the territory of the Russian Federation, on trains, aircrafts and ships both on internal and international routes. Visas are issued, on the basis of an invitation, at Russian consulates.

After application forms filling, you'll get from our side the invitation for the visa getting. Then you can buy the ticket and go to Russia.

Further you can work by yourself, but if you did not know the country, we can offer service by your request:

  • registration

  • accommodation

  • transport service

  • interpreter, guide benefits

  • seminar, conference, meetings service

  • business meetings arrangement


If you want to stay in Russia less than 72 hours, it's not necessary to register. If you want to live not in a hotel, registration procedure might be quite complicated. In that case you should visit a special organization (OVIR), that usually take a lot of time.

We recommend you to reserve a hotel room just for one day to register automatically at the hotel.

If you have any questions, our competent personnel will be glad to help you.

You can contact us directly from this page.


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