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Exhibition complex "UFA EXPO"

Image of Exhibition complex "VDNKh-EXPO"
Interior of Exhibition complex "VDNKh-EXPO"

Address: Mendeleyeva street, 158, Ufa, Russia.

  • Opening date - December 1, 2014.
  • Total area of (GBA) - 15600 sq. m.
  • Rentable area (GLA) - 35000 sq. m.
  • Number of floors - 3 floors.
  • Parking for 1000 cars.

VDNKH EXPO is the city's only modern building to host international exhibitions.

The exhibition complex is located on one of the main thoroughfares of the city, just five minutes' drive from the centre. Geographically and historically, the placement of VDNKH EXPO caused maximum visitor facilities for all residents of the Republic.

Free Wi-Fi, Congress hall for up to 330 persons, three seminar rooms, beam crane, lifts, loading gate, wardrobe, parking, recreational areas, mother and child room, snack bar.

Transport accessibility:
Visitors can get to the complex by car from any area of the city in 10-15 minutes. The six-lane street Mendeleev is one of the main thoroughfares of the city with high bandwidth.

Private Parking for 1000 cars, 400 of them on the roof of the complex.

Total inbound traffic in the period of the exhibition, with about 10,000 people a day (counter data).

Key activities:
In the complex VDNKH EXPO are exhibitions of all-Russian and international scale, for example, the Bashkir Exhibition Company organizes "Oil forum", recognized worldwide as one of the most significant events of the industry. Important role the region plays an exhibition "Gas. Oil. Technology", which attracts up to 400 companies from 16 countries. To the International exhibition "AgroComplex" attracts about 15,000 visitors and representatives of more than 240 companies. New exhibition space will continue to take such actions, as "Russian energy forum", an exhibition "Ural Energy" and "Education forum". Modern and conceptual space of the exhibition complex VDNKH can also be used for concerts, conferences and other cultural events.