Металлобработка. Металлургия - 2024
Металлобработка. Металлургия - 2024

Trade Union Sports Palace

Image of Trade Union Sports Palace

Address: Severnaya Dvina Embankment, 38; Chumbarova-Luchinsky Avenue, 1, Arckangelsk, Russia.

Exhibition floor space:
total - 3000 sq.m
under construction - up to 1200 sq.m

There is cafe on the territory of the Sports Palace.

There is no specially designed parking.


How to get

Venue access:

By public transport:
From railway station the bus № 54, stop "Kukolnyi Teatr"; bus № 2, stop "Morskoi-Rechnoi Vokzal".
From airport - bus № 12, stop "Kukolnyi Teatr".

By automobile:
By lorry - go through the new bridge over Severnaya Dvina river, then turn left onto Leningradsky avenue and go to the juncture with Kommunalnaya st. and drive onto Troitsky avenue.
By car - go through the old bridge over the river, then turn left onto Obvodny canal and to the juncture with Uritsky st. and drive onto Troitsky avenue.