MCC "Rose Hall"

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Address: Russia, Sochi, pos. Estosadok, st. Lavender Embankment, d. 6.

The modern site equipped with the advanced equipment and meeting the world standards. The total area of more than 10000 sq. m.

The great hall is the only concert venue in the mountain cluster with a capacity of up to 2,500 people.

The space has a ceiling height of up to 11.5 m, consisting of supporting beams that allow you to implement any decorative solution. Above the mirror of the stage there are 9 flying bars for suspension of the various plans for the scenes and lighting equipment. Spectator stalls and stands have 6 configurations, adapting to different tasks, from the business forum to the performance of pop stars and theater. In the center of the hall there is a regular control room, which has a separate exit to the stage. The hall is regularly used for modern music concerts, variety shows, dance festivals, film screenings, seminars and conferences.

Small hall - a platform for conferences, gala dinners, receptions, theater productions, exhibitions and concerts.

Convenient location and flexible infrastructure allow to transform the interior space for various events. Ceiling height up to 10 m, with a large number of support beams with an overall capacity of 200 kg/sqm and 2 plans of flying bars for suspension of lighting equipment and regular control room.