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Exhibition center on the Great October

Exhibition center on the Great October

Address: 30A, Most Oktyabrskaya st., Jaroslavl, Russia.

Modern exhibition centre is ready to offer you their services for holding of exhibitions, fairs, banquets and cultural events with catering and leisure activities.

Exhibition centre of the European class built using modern technologies and materials, conveniently located in the centre of Yaroslavl. The total hall area of about 1,000 square meters to host the exhibition booth. Open space on site 1500 sq. meters.


  • Mobile exhibition modules, easy to assemble panels OKTANORM, in the amount of 648 square meters, with the possibility of supply electricity (220/380 volt), as well as the ability to connect to WI-FI, the presence of ventilation systems
  • Providing the stage, the podium for concerts and demonstration models; meeting rooms; a concert hall with 450 seats for lectures, presentations, seminars, press conferences, Christmas parties and banquets
  • The concert hall: 157,9+2,7+0,7=161,0 sq. m
  • Auditorium: 24,4+72,6+23,7+165,6=286,0 sq. m
  • Foyer: 166,0 sq. m
  • There are telescopic bleachers for 700 seats, secured overnight Parking for 80 people, 3 dressing rooms (200 R/h)

Additional services for exhibitors:

  • Information and advertising, design, transport and forwarding, catering for exhibition, security, Internet, conference room

Over the years, the team of the Exhibition centre has conducted more than 1000 different types and levels of activities in which participated exhibitors from different regions of Russia and abroad, which shows a great experience in holding such events.