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Eco-Fair VDNH

Image of Eco-Fair VDNH

Address: Russia, Barnaul, ul. Takeoff, 2-K.

"Eco-fair VDNH" is the largest in the Altai territory of food fair, with an area of over 10,000 sqm, where is the shopping area for local producers, places for exhibitions, cultural events.

"Eco-fair VDNH" adheres to the traditions of fairs, which were held in Russia:
- The design of the room - natural materials, the use of natural colors.
- Concept inside the room created an atmosphere of celebration in the Russian style - Gypsies with the "mummers," barkers, musicians and artisans, visitors have the opportunity to bargain.
- Own production - visitors can watch the various craft by baking rolls and bread at a local mill, making clay and wooden products.

"Eco-fair VDNH" is a new retail format in Barnaul, where visitors can buy quality products at competitive prices and enjoyed the whole day.

For tenants:

  • The open trade area of 2000 sq. m
  • Pavilions from 5 to 100 sq m
  • Foot court area of 900 sq. m
  • The exhibition area of 900 sq. m
  • The Bazaar area of 1200 sq. m
  • A separate loading area
  • Refrigeration equipment
  • Warehouse