Expo-Russia Iran - 2024
Expo-Russia Iran - 2024

Amman (Jordan)

Information about the city of Amman

Amman is the modern and at the same time anscient capital of Jordan with the population of more than 2 million people.

Amman is the sity of contrasts and combines antiquity and contemporaneity. It is often called "The White City". It is really built from white stone - roughly worked, cut or polished limestone.

There are a lot of sightseeings in Amman. Visit Pella, Um Kais and Um El' Gimal, where the biggest archeological excavations, the house of Ottoman ruler, anscient mistirious monuments are located. You can go to Madaba - the mosaic museum town, to the Sky Mountain, to the anscient fortresses Kerak and Shobak.

Quickly growing Amman is the business and commercial center. In the South of the city there is an international airport Queen Alia International, where one can get to by taxi or by bus.

At the restaurants and fast-food establishments the dishes are served, which can satisfy any taste. There is a wide range of local, European, International cuisine dishes.

Amman combines Eastern and Western features. On the one hand there are majestic mosques, oriental bazars. On the other hand there are beautiful hotels, night clubs, diskos, sports complexes, exhibition centers and others modern construction works for various events.

Jordan is the gate to Orient.

Jordan borders with Syria, Israel, Iraq, Saudi Arabia and Egypt. The membership in the International Trade and Commerce Organization, political and economical stabiy, exceptional reliability of banks, international airport and five star hotels make Jordan the best and convenient place for international exhibitions, conferences and business meetings holding. More than 80 % of Iraqi private enterprises are registered in Jordan. The Special Economic Zone gives the opportunity after registrstion to cooperate with all the countries in the region without additional nominations. The largest sea port Akaba serves freigt tracks to Iraq. Bibel places, Red and Dead Sea resorts allow to combine business and rest.