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Ros-Gas-Expo - 2015

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19th International Specialized Exhibition of Gas Industry and Technical Equipment for Gas Supply Facilities

Date: 06.10.2015 - 09.10.2015 

City: Saint-Petersburg - information about city

Holder: FarExpo

Topics: Municipal Management, Petrolium, Gas, Chemistry, Industrial Exhibitions





Exhibition Sections:

  • Gasification of residential units, industrial, housing and utility and agricultural objects, industrial areas and tech parks
  • Main gas-supply:
    • designing and building of gasification objects
    • gas using equipment
    • cogeneration plants
    • pump and compressor stations
    • gas turbine engines
    • welding equipment, welding materials
    • equipment for production storage and use of alternative energy sources
    • special vehicles
  • Autonomous and reserved gas-supply in residential houses and industrial plants:
    • liquefaction and regasification plants for liquefied natural gas
    • above-ground and subsurface storage tanks
    • evaporating and mixing units
    • equipment for gas boiler rooms
    • gas power generators
    • dispatching control station
    • storage systems for LNG, LPG, CNG
    • gas filling stations
    • reservoir units for liquefied petroleum gag and liquefied natural gas
    • cisterns for transportation and storage LNG, LPG,
    • cryogenic plants
    • transportation technologies Liquefied natural gas
  • Associated gas preparing for consumers supply:
    • gas separation systems and technologies (membrane, adsorption, cryogenic)
    • treatment and utilization systems for APG
    • compressor plants
    • equipment for the APG processing
    • construction and design of finished complexes and APG processing plants
  • Operation of gas distribution systems:
    • gas pipeline accessories
    • equipment for the gas transportation and storage process automation
    • technologies, materials and equipment for the anticorrosion protection of pipelines
    • machinery and technologies for the trenchless installation and replacement of pipelines
    • laboratory equipment and analytical instruments. Mobile laboratories
    • mobile industrial and domestic buildings
  • Gas metering:
    • control and measuring equipment for the gas industry
  • Diagnosis:
    • technical diagnostics of gas and gas equipment
  • Safety and ecology of the gas complex:
    • occupational safety and health, security systems and fire-fighting equipment
    • rescue equipment, protection aids for industrial safety
    • special clothing and personal protective equipment
    • environmental protection, environmental monitoring
    • information technologies in emergency situations
    • training

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