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Inlegmash - 2010

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12th International Exhibition "Equipment and Production Processes in Light Industry"

Date: 20.04.2010 - 22.04.2010 

City: Moscow - information about city

Holder: Expocentre

Topic: Industrial Exhibitions



"Inlegmash - 2010" exhibition news, 25-Feb-2010

Announce: On April 20-22, in Moscow, the International Exhibition "Equipment and Technologies in the Light Industry" - "Inlegmash 2010" will be held, which is organized by "Expocentre" together with the firm "Messe Dusseldorf GmbH" (Germany).

On April 20-22, in Moscow, the International Exhibition "Equipment and Technologies in the Light Industry" - "Inlegmash 2010" will be held, which is organized by "Expocentre" together with the firm "Messe Dusseldorf GmbH" (Germany).

This year, the International Industrial Exhibition "Inlegmash" celebrates its 40th anniversary. It was launched for the first time in 1970, and at present it is held biennially. Since 2003, the show has been held under the auspices of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation. It is the 12th edition of the exhibition.

For its contribution to the industry development and for the high level of organization, the project has been deservedly awarded the Logo of the Global Association of Exhibition Industry (UFI) and the Russian Union of Exhibitions and Fairs (RUEF).

As in most parts of the industrial sectors, oriented to the goods in mass demand, the effect of the global crisis on the volume of output in the light industry of Russia was less acute than in the other industries.

Unlike the most processing industries, the light industry practically hasn't experienced deflationary shocks. In the recessionary 2009, the sale prices of the manufacturers in most of the associated industries were either stabilized or on the level of 2008, or continued to rise.

At present, the national enterprises of textile and light industry feel a strong need in outfitting their production with up-to-date equipment and new technologies. The industry retrofitting is an important condition for development of cooperation between the foreign manufacturers and suppliers of equipment for textile and light industry and the Russian enterprises.

The "Inlegmash" exhibition opens for the Russian enterprises access to the modern equipment and technologies, which are necessary for increasing the volume of production, quality, range, and competitiveness of their products, as well as release of the new prospective products.

At this year exhibition, the newest achievements in the field of equipment and machines development for the textile and light industries will be presented by about 150 firms and companies from Europe, Asia, and CIS countries: Austria, Germany, Spain, Italy, China, Latvia, Republic of Karelia, Russia, Turkey, Japan, and others.

The "Inlegmash - 2010" exhibition will demonstrate the whole range of the up-to-date equipment for the textile and light industries. The exhibition will present a unique chance to see the exhibited equipment in operation.

Textile and finishing equipment, weaving machinery, spinning and twisting machinery for natural and chemical fibers, equipment for primary processing of natural fibers, production and processing of chemical fibers; dyeing materials and chemicals for light industry; drying equipment; equipment for production of non-woven materials; equipment for jersey production will be showcased at the exhibition this year. The wet-heat processing exposition will showcase the equipment for laundries and dry-cleaner's, mill and felt production; components and technical outfit, spare parts, auxiliary equipment. The measuring devices and conveyors; retrofitting and repair of weaving and sewing machinery; equipment for packing and marking, warehousing equipment; equipment for thermoprinting; recycling (processing of industrial wastes) in the light industry, environmentally safe materials and resource saving; light industry related goods and services; research and educational institutions, project developments, technical literature will be presented to the specialists' attention.

In 2010, the expansion of exhibition topics and presentation of strategically important sectors is planned as an innovation:

  • ILM-SHVEIMASH - sewing machines (industrial and domestic sewing, cutting, embroidering, knitting machines, overlockers and mechanized sewing units), textile haberdashery and accessories
  • ILM-LEFUR - equipment for production of footwear and leather fancy goods, fur and leather production
  • ILM-SOFT - automated systems of operating procedures and production management; software for management and logistics
  • ILM-TECHNO - new technologies and materials in light and textile industry; energy saving technologies; nanotechnologies
  • ILM-ANTIK - old equipment (museum samples) for textile and weaving production

A great number of the foreign exhibitors at "Inlegmash - 2010" exhibition is the evidence of the foreign manufacturers' interest in the Russian market. There are the largest world manufacturers of equipment and technologies for textile and light industry among the exhibitors - Ferrostaal, Lonati, Marubeni, Oerlikon, Rieter, Samsung, Santoni, Textima, Texita and others.

From year to year grows the popularity of the "Inlegmash" exhibition with the Russian manufacturers and suppliers of equipment for light industry. About 40 companies will represent Russia at the "Inlegmash - 2010" exhibition, among them are the leaders of textile market - "Veles", "Storm Tex", "Transmetal", and others.

Following the traditions of the previous editions, the "Inlegmash - 2010" exhibition will present the opportunity to the national and foreign firms, operating in the field of production and sale of technology equipment for textile and light industry enterprises, to establish and strengthen partnership relations, conclude commercial agreements and realize joint industrial and investment projects.


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