Moscow Halal Expo - 2016

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Moscow International Halal Exhibition

Date: 02.06.2016 - 05.06.2016 

City: Moscow - information about city

Holder: "Alif Consult", LLD

Topics: Advertising and Publishing Activities, Agriculture, Food Industry, Business, Economics, Finances, Safety, Consumer Goods, Medicine and Health Care, Textiles. Fashion. Cosmetics, Society, Sport, Tourism, Hobbies and Entertainments



"Moscow Halal Expo - 2016" exhibition news, 18-Apr-2016

Announce: Franchising Opportunities in Halal industry will be presented at "Moscow Halal Expo - 2016" will take place on 2-5 June in Exhibition and Convention Centre "Sokolniki".

"Moscow Halal Expo" in conjunction with TOP Franchise and Clickin announce the Franchising Fair of Halal businesses. In the framework of the Seventh Moscow international Exhibition "Halal" "Moscow Halal Expo - 2016" from 2 to 5 June in the Exhibition and Convention centre "Sokolniki" a separate branded area will gather Halal companies offering franchises.

The exhibition is expected to present such kinds of business as cafes and mini-cafes, restaurants and delivery services, teahouses and bakeries, corner shops and studios, play areas and educational programs, hostels and mini-hotels, beauty salons, information systems and even more. All companies interested in the Halal market of Russia and CIS are invited to participate in the exhibition.

The Halal industry is actively developing in various sectors of the economy. However, at present it is mostly represented among small and medium businesses. Various halal bakeries, mini-hotels, cafes and teahouses and shops are opened in different regions of the country and CIS countries. Each of these projects can be successfully translated to the regions. Not every entrepreneur can invest in a new project, but starting a franchise business is a decision that will be interesting to many. For business owners it is an excellent and relatively risk-free opportunity to attract investments to the company. For International halal brands - a good opportunity to enter the market of Russia and CIS.

Vasil Gazizulin, the Manager of project, said: "A responsible business is developing in Russia. Entrepreneurs are looking for something significant to deal with. The Halal industry offers many opportunities for self-realization. Islam is a religion that encourages evaluating the reality in an unbiased manner. Business, entrepreneurial activity in all its authorized forms is a field for self-realization for anyone. The vocation of a man, who called himself an entrepreneur, is to create benefit for himself, his family, his community and continue to contribute to the development of the country".

Annual exhibition "Moscow Halal Expo" provides a good basis for the development of companies of all levels. It is the place where big business can find a dialogue with small companies and individuals. "At the moment the exhibition is also a very important opportunity to attract foreign investment from companies that share the ideology of Halal business. In the conditions of the economic sanctions imposed on Russia by Europe and the USA the exhibition Halal Expo paves the bridge for investment from Arab countries and from countries with a high development of this industry. It is a very valuable opportunity," said Mr. Gazizulin.

The company contributes to the development of partner networks in Russia and abroad and sees value in entering the Halal market companies and franchises out-speaking about it and looking for relevant partners.

Ruslan Gadelyanov, the Partner of the Exhibition on franchising and project Manager at Clickin is developing several kinds of business franchise and he notes that he had previously invested a large sum into his business, but in the end, the investment did not multiply. After 3 months he decided to sell the business, because he had a lot of questions that had no answers. In particular, questions concerning advertising, recruitment, shipping, discounts from suppliers and others. "Every entrepreneur wants to recoup his investments and make a profit. Therefore, franchising is an easy entry to the business.", - R. Gadelyanov said. He added: "If I opened a catering now, then I would choose the franchise of those halal companies, which are presented on the market. They have tested business processes, good prices from suppliers, advertising support, recognizable brand and consultation at all stages of development".

The volume of investment for the franchises presented on the Exhibition will vary from 1000 USD to 1 000 000 USD.


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