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Drinks Industry / Russian Wine Fair - 2009

Attention! The event is over.

International Exhibition

Date: 26.11.2009 - 28.11.2009 

City: Moscow - information about city

Holder: Asti Group

Topics: Advertising and Publishing Activities, Agriculture, Food Industry



"Drinks Industry / Russian Wine Fair - 2009" exhibition news, 07-Oct-2009

Announce: The International Exhibition "Drinks Industry / Russian Wine Fair - 2009" will be held at the All-Russian Exhibition Center on November 26-28 in Moscow.

The International Exhibition "Drinks Industry / Russian Wine Fair - 2009" will be held on November 26-28 in Moscow.

The venue of participants and guests of one of the most innovative and dynamic alcohol exhibition projects of Russia this time will be a new ground - recently brought afloat the pavilion 75 of the All-Russian Exhibition Center.

Along with the venue change of exposition holding the exhibition organizer - "Asti Group" company, maintaining reputation of "Drinks Industry / Russian Wine Fair - 2009", as a ground with the most full and comfortable infrastructure for realization of wide range of marketing and communication strategies by the market operators, optimized the workshop and modified the event format with account of today's needs of participants.

A new venue of exhibition holding was chosen according to enquiry results of main alcohol market players. According to all accounts, the ground for the event, called for consolidation of the industry, has to be democratic, popular among regional visitors, situated within striking distance of private and public transport. The new pavilion of the All-Russian Exhibition Center in every respect became the optimal choice.

This year the exhibition format has also underwent considerable changes. So during the first two days of work the exposition will be open only for professionals. Russian and foreign specialists could get to know with the products of the leading Russian producers, new foreign brands, which tend to gain Russian market; and also with the traditional local wine and gastronomic combination, getting interesting ideas for promotion of products in the Russian market; visit tasting master classes on Australian, Azerbaijanian, Hungarian, Greek, Italian, Macedonian, German, and Chilean wine with the participation of famous experts of international standing; take part in debates on a subject: "Do we need state monopoly on alcohol?", where sophisticated industry experts and representatives of leading producers and distributors will appear.

This year taste test zone will be situated near the stand of each company-producer, and attracted by organizers experts in the field of gastronomy will help to select national dishes for drinks, select more harmonic combination of dishes of national cuisine and drinks, which satisfy various tastes of customers.

One more substandard campaign is also planned. "Gastronomic taste testing: Russian wines and delicacies" will be held on the 28th of November on Saturday, and is planned as a "cross" taste testing of Russian wines with a cost from 120 to 200 rubles, and products, offered by the leaders of Russian food industry: sausages, fish delicacies, cheeses, sweets. The event aim is propaganda of the quality mid-price products and development of marketing strategies, highly effective in crisis, when consumer's demand tangibly moves towards budget products.

Placing an emphasis on national constituents of alcohol culture and international cooperation, the "Asti Group" company works in more distant prospect and is sure that with strengthening of positions of new players of world market of drinks from Asian region countries, such as China and India, it is Moscow, that should become one of the main economic centers in the Eurasian continent, as a cross point of multidirectional trade vectors, and the exhibition "Drinks Industry / Russian Wine Fair - 2009" will strengthen it's role as a bridge between East and West, remaining one of the most outstanding event of Russian alcohol market.


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