Parking Russia - 2022, November 14-16, Moscow
Parking Russia - 2022, November 14-16, Moscow


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3rd International Building Forum

Date: 19.10.2009 - 22.10.2009 

City: Moscow - information about city

Holder: Global-Expo

Topics: Building and real estate, Municipal Management, Industrial Exhibitions



"CITY BUILD - 2009" exhibition news, 24-Sep-2009

Announce: The special exposition - "Modern Innovative Technologies of House Building" was created for the first time within the framework of the 3rd International Forum "CITYBUILD - 2009" (19 - 22 of October, Moscow).

The special exposition - "Modern Innovative Technologies of House Building" was created for the first time within the framework of the 3rd International Forum "CITYBUILD - 2009" (19 - 22 of October, Moscow).

One of the most interesting specialties, which will be presented there, is foam glass, representing light material, which reminds soap suds by its structure, has the smallest specific gravity among insulants; it is waterproof, nonflammable, environmentally friendly, and durable material. This material is already being produced in Russia on Danish and home equipment. The second interesting specialty is composite material, which overpasses metal by all chemical and physical properties, it has high strength-to-weight ratio, hardness and high wear resistance.

The exposition "Modern Innovative Technologies of House Building" will be presented to business society of building industry with the advanced technologies and experience, will initiate activity of market participants, allow to conduct a dialogue between authorities and business, give an impulse for development of companies and creation of new investment projects. Within the framework of the exposition the round tables will be held with the participation of executives of enterprises and industrial associations, and also, press-conference will be organized with the participation of representatives of business and sectoral mass media.

More than 300 companies from 28 regions of Russia will take a part in the "CITYBUILD - 2009" International Forum, and also 24 foreign countries and CIS countries, such as: Germany, Italy, France, Belgium, Turkey, Japan, Israel, Sweden, Kazakhstan. Annually, thousands of professionals of investment and building sector visit Forum. Last year 13270 specialists from 60 regions of Russia visited the forum for the period of 4 days; more than 8000 contracts were made on implementation of projects in the field of municipal services, construction, automation of buildings, safety systems, solution of questions of energy efficiency, outdoor lighting of municipal services objects and equipment supply.

Within the framework of the 3rd International Forum "CITYBUILD - 2009" the special program "VIP visitor" is organized, and during this program business meetings will be held with executives of big enterprises, industrial departments of Moscow Government, Mayors of largest world cities, Plenipotentiary Envoys and Trade Embassies of 32 foreign countries.

The 3rd International Forum"CITYBUILD - 2009" is a unique event of town-planning industry, which has united specialists of all stages of building process. Holding consolidated exhibition, which covers 12 more significant sectoral trends of building and municipal complexes, will allow to find solutions of main issues, such as: selection of project, contracting organizations, suppliers of equipment and materials, sale of finished products and services, forge relationships with potential investors of running projects. The Forum will become a business communication center of professionals. It will represent all modern industry processes, and also, will introduce to participants strategies of Russian building companies in the period of world crisis and set of measures, aimed at stabilization of building market.

The official opening ceremony of the 3rd International Forum "CITYBUILD - 2009" will be held on the 19th of October at 12:00 on the main stage of the Forum (All-Russian Exhibition Center, pavilion є 75), where the following representatives will take part: the representative of Russian Federation State Duma Committee for Building and Land Relations, the representative of the Ministry for Regional Development of Russian Federation, the Mayor of Moscow - Yu. M. Luzhkov, First Deputies of the Mayor of Moscow - P. P. Biryukov, V. I. Resin, the Head of Department for Road, Bridge and Engineering Building of Moscow Government - A. N. Levchenko, the Head of Department for Housing and Public Utilities, and Upgrading of Moscow Government - A. V. Tsibin, the Head of Department for Fuel and Energy Economy of Moscow Government - E. V. Sklyarov, the Head of Department of Economic Policy and Development of Moscow Government - M. E. Ogloblina, the Head of Department of Town Planning of Moscow City. Before the opening ceremony of the Forum press-briefing will be held at 11:30, dedicated to this event. In the press-conference the following participants will take part: the Executives of Departments of Moscow Government, the President of Builder's Association of Russia - N. P. Koshman, the President of Russian Union of Builders - V. A. Yakovlev.


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