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AgroProdMash - 2009

Attention! The event is over.

14th International Exhibition for Machinery, Equipment and Ingredients for the Food Processing Industry

Date: 12.10.2009 - 16.10.2009 

City: Moscow - information about city

Holder: Expocentre

Topic: Agriculture, Food Industry



"AgroProdMash - 2009" exhibition news, 12-Oct-2009

Announce: On October 9, at the "Expocenter", there was a press-conference, devoted to the 14th International Exhibition of Equipment, Machines, and Ingredients for Food and Processing Industry "Agroprodmash - 2009".

On October 9, at the "Expocenter" there was a press-conference, devoted to the 14th International Exhibition of Equipment, Machines, and Ingredients for Food and Processing Industry "Agroprodmash - 2009".

"Agroprodmash - 2009" is one of the largest projects of the "Expocenter", which was realized under the auspices of the Ministry of Agriculture of the RF, Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the RF, Government of Moscow. The show "Agroprodmash - 2009" became the main agricultural event, which was awarded with all exhibition insignia - the signs of the World Association of Exhibition Industry (UFI) and the Russian Union of Exhibitions and Fairs (RSVYa).

As informed the deputy general director of the central exhibition complex "Expocenter" - M.P. Tolkachev, this year the "Agroprodmash - 2009" collected about 500 exhibitors from 33 countries, including 300 national companies. Whereby, despite the difficulties of the crisis, the main exhibitors remained in all sections, moreover, the exhibition was enlarged by new exhibitors. The process of arranging the exhibition "Agroprodmash - 2009" showed, that the exhibitors started to adjust to the new conditions and actively use the opportunities to promote new technologies and products at the exhibition.

"Agroprodmash - 2009" got the status of image exhibition - it is included into business event calendars by the leading Russian and foreign manufacturers, suppliers and buyers of equipment and machines for food and processing industry. Just at that spot one can see up-to-date equipment and technologies, the most advanced industrial solutions are offered, the urgent problems are discussed.

This year the exhibition is held under the slogan "Anti-recessionary solutions for food industry". It was shown in its extensive working programme in which, along with the industry experts - the specialists of the largest companies, the representatives of the federal governmental authorities take part. It opens unlimited possibilities for discussion and search for solutions for a wide range of urgent problems in the industry.

Within the framework of the exhibition the International Investment Forum and Conference "Food Industry of Russia - Features of Development and Investment Attraction in the Conditions of Economical Crisis", All-Russian Technological Forum "Anti-Crisis Solutions for Technologies and Equipment for Food Industry", the International Food Forum, devoted to the strategies of food industry development in Russia, and many other events will be held.

"Agroprodmash - 2009" will present the opportunity to the food manufacturers to see the best samples of high technology equipment for optimal processing of agricultural raw stuff, which allows to raise competitive ability of the national food, - noticed in his speech at the press-conference V.A. Mezhevikin, the head of the Department of Food and Processing Industry and Russian Agricultural Products Quality, who told about the situation in food and processing industry.

The results of the international research of the Russian and foreign consumer markets for food products were presented by E.V. Kauts, the deputy general director of the editorial office of "Food Industry", vice-president of the Union of Food Ingredients Manufacturers. Expert estimations of the situation and the prospects of the Russian Food Industry development were presented by N.V. Guseva, the chief editor of the magazine "ProdIndustria", which is the general sponsor of the show "Agroprodmash - 2009".

The reliable researches show, that the food manufacturers are ready and willing to optimize the production, reduce costs, and solve urgent technological problems. In the new conditions the companies change their industrial strategy and prefer to buy high quality equipment and impose heavy demands on its innovativeness.

"Agroprodmash - 2009" will give the complete overview of the agricultural machine building market, will reflect the trends of development in all sectors of the Russian and world markets of food and processed products by denying or confirming the experts forecasts.


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