Beverages - 2019

Attention! The event is over.

23rd International Exhibition of Drinks

Date: 21.03.2019 - 23.03.2019 

City: Sochi - information about city

Holder: SOUD

Topic: Agriculture, Food Industry




Venue: Exhibition Centre of Zhemchuzhina Hotel

Exhibition Sections:

  • Drinks: water, wine, vodka, cognac, liqueurs, cocktails, strong and low-alcohol drinks, drinking and mineral water
  • Equipment and technologies for beverage production
  • Equipment and technologies for processing raw materials for the manufacture of beverages
  • Raw materials and technologies of processing and production, equipment for bottling and selling beverages, storage and accessories
  • Laboratory equipment
  • Packaging, containers, accessories and printing products
  • Logistics
  • Water supply: design, installation, operation, repair, water treatment for beverage production
  • Environmentally friendly sources of thermal energy
  • Technologies and equipment for wastewater treatment
  • Recycling of the solid residue
  • Gift products: custom packaging and packaging for drinks with brand name, individual design
  • Accessories for serving drinks in restaurants, bars, for home use
  • Thematic Souvenirs

Additional information: