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Safety. Occupational Safety - 2017

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Interregional Specialiced Exhibition of Equipment, Technical and Special Aids for Safeguard Services, Security and Law Protection, Fire Engineering and Emergency Rescue Service, Traffic Safety

Date: 14.11.2017 - 16.11.2017 

City: Ekaterinburg - information about city
Holder(s): "Ural Exhibitions"
Topic(s): Business, Economics, Finances, Safety.




Venue: International Exhibition Center "Yekaterinburg-Expo"

Exhibition Sections:

  • Fire safety:
    • fire alarm and notification systems
    • fire-extinguishing systems and means
    • fire-proof materials and constructions
    • gear and outfit
    • fire engineering and special equipment
    • escape and rescue means in fire condition
  • Security systems:
    • CCTV and vision systems
    • access control systems
    • security alarm systems
  • Rescue equipment:
    • machinery, equipment and technologies for accident and disaster prevention and rectification of the consequences
    • first-aid equipment
    • life-saving appliances
    • lifeguard outfit and equipment
    • survival facilities
    • personal protective equipment
    • communicators
  • Ecological and industrial safety
  • Traffic safety:
    • traffic management means
    • driver and passenger safety systems
    • control and supervision of traffic safety means
  • Banking security:
    • special banking equipment
    • encashment services
    • special-purpose vehicles
  • Labor safety and protection:
    • labor management
    • personal protective equipment
    • services of workplaces assessment
    • work safety officers education
    • research organizations, institutions and associations
    • specialized literature
    • software
  • Information and communications security:
    • information and communication security means
    • facilities for channels of information leak search
    • information security
    • biometric systems of information security
    • education and services in the information security consulting and audit field
  • Special clothing:
    • professional clothing
    • official clothing
    • corporate clothing
    • corporate clothing for various fields
    • special footwear
    • outfit and service equipment
  • Anti-criminal:
    • specialized police transport
    • outfit, uniform and arming
    • dedicated equipment for covert observation, audio interception, recording
    • equipment for interceptor detection
    • equipment, machinery, instruments, reagents for criminal investigation
    • special vehicles for transportation of valuables
    • vaults, safety boxes, strongboxes, specialized packages for valuables transportation
    • checkpoints, turnstiles, crash gates, power-driven gates
    • conditional access system
    • people and freight inspection equipment
    • equipment for drugs and concealed explosive devices detection
    • private security and detective agencies services
    • simulators, educational programs, training methods of police personnel and security service specialists
    • personal defense equipment

"Occupational Safety".
Exhibition Sections:

  • The state control of conditions and labor protection
  • State examination of working conditions
  • Attestation and certification of workplaces on working conditions
  • Organization of work on labor protection in sectors of the economy and regions of the Russian Federation
  • The organization of working places of different professional groups
  • The organization of training in safe methods and techniques of work, training
  • Training, advanced training on labor protection
  • Devices and analytical equipment of sanitary and hygienic control
  • Social insurance against accidents at production
  • Therapeutic and preventive nutrition, prevention of occupational diseases
  • Safe equipment and technologies
  • Sanitary clothing
  • Fire uniforms
  • Means of chemical protection
  • Means of individual and collective protection
  • Accessories for PPE production
  • Special protective working shoes
  • Ammunition, outfit, uniform, overalls
  • Fabrics and materials for special and technical purpose
  • Garment cutting equipment
  • Means of rehabilitation
  • Equipment for application of logos, laundry and dry cleaning
  • Technical and fire safety
  • Sanitary service
  • Research and development on labor protection
  • Medicine and occupational health
  • Regulatory, methodical and educational literature, graphic materials on labor protection

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